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For a fan of state of the art watchmaking, the market provides you plenty of reputable names that would make choosing a chore. However, if you are looking for a great watch that would stay with you for a long time and is reasonably priced, Mido is a brand that you should know. The Swiss watchmaker, now under the Swatch group, has a selection of understated but still beautiful and functional watches that you would always love to have on your wrist. Beam with pride as Mido watches can make a fellow watch lover look twice.

Mido Watch Reviews

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An overachieving company

Mido Commander Big Date Centennial Celebration Watch
Mido Commander Big Date Centennial Celebration Watch. Photo: Monochrome Watches

Mido’s name may be Spanish (it comes from the phrase “Yo mido”, which means “I measure”) but the company has its origins in Switzerland, where it was founded by Georges Schaeren in 1918. Since then, it has launched a few firsts that were not only significant to the company but to the industry as well. These include the Multifort design it launched in 1934, which was the first self-winding automatic, shock- and water-resistant, anti-magnetic watch to use unbreakable mainsprings. A decade later, it made another milestone when it became the first watchmaker to launch a central-read chronograph, with its main feature being that the stopwatch was arranged with the hands at the center. In the 1950s, Mido introduced to the world a winding mechanism touted be the most efficient of them all.

Ladies’ wristwatches were part of the repertoire for Mido since the 1920s, but before the 1970s the company was officially recognized as the world’s maker of the thinnest ladies watches. It was also the time when Mido introduced Aquadura sealing, a groundbreaking system which ensures that the crown will be secure against water leakage.

Today, Mido is still in Switzerland but is now based at Le Locle, right at the heart of the Jura mountains where there exists a long and cherished watchmaking culture.

Design as awe-inspiring as architecture

Mido Multifort
Mido Multifort. Photo: Hodinkee

Mido’s design is comparable to that of architectural greats as it balances aesthetics and functionality with authenticity, bestowing upon its timepieces a timeless quality. The classy appearance is also complemented by durability, owing to its insistence on high quality materials, award-winning mechanical movements, and modern technology. Mido has, for a century, maintained a high stature among brands for being among the top 10 producers of certified chronometers.

Mido, to this day, continues to see architecture as its inspiration. During its 12-week #Be Inspired by Architecture campaign, the company went to visit cities with architecturally-relevant monuments to find inspiration for its watches. The cities include Beijing, Taipei, Lucerne, Tokyo, Venice, Seoul, Mexico City, Moscow, Berlin, Hong Kong and New York, with the last city’s Guggenheim Museum announced as the next model for its line of watches.

The limited edition watch is almost as impressive as the museum itself with Mido’s flagship movement in it, the self-winding Caliber 80 Si packed with 80 hours of power reserve, which is based on Swatch’s ETA C07.811. Its silicon balance-spring which is preferred instead of the standard type affords the watch with a greater long-term accuracy. The watch is anti-magnetic, shock-resistant and most notable of all, chronometer-certified by Swiss testing agency COSC. There are only 500 of these intricate timepieces that come in a handsome black calfskin strap.

Low-key but high quality timepieces

Mido - Multifort Datometer Limited Edition
Mido – Multifort Datometer Limited Edition. Photo: Time and Watches

The money you will spend on a quality timepiece is no joke, so you have to make sure that you are offered choices that are beautiful and would stay with you for a long time. Mido’s watches are timeless rather than merely fashionable, so you know you’ll always have an enviable beauty right on your wrist. After all, Mido aims to be as relevant as the world’s architectural wonders, outliving trends of the time. The features, such as water and shock resistance and anti-magnetism, allow this. What’s more, Mido’s mechanical movements are also typical of those found in other luxury brands, keeping true to the legacy of Swiss watchmaking.

Mido may not ring your bell as much as other titan watchmaking companies, but with it and the aforementioned features, you know that you’re getting the most, and probably even beyond, your money could buy you. Get your own Mido watch now from any of its 2,700 official retailers scattered in 70 countries.

The Mido Multifort Limited Edition Heritage

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