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You’re probably used to seeing age-old luxury watchmaking brands in the market and they’re usually catered more towards men. Michele is one of the few to change that and set a balance in the industry. Michele watches are suitable to women of all tastes and ages, and have been popular among the blogging set in recent years. The brand applies both fashion-forward ideas and Swiss-approved craftsmanship, so the timepieces are not only good for the Instagram-worthy look but also their flawless functionality.

Michele Watch

Watch and jewelry hybrid

Michele Watch and Jewelry

The way to a good OOTD is almost always through accessories, but watches are not really given much attention nor are they the first option. However, when you pop on a Michele watch on your wrist, they’d be fashionable as they are functional, offering a good bang for your buck.

The brand bridges the gap between complicated dials and mechanisms and flashy details that are usually found in jewelry pieces. What comes out are jewelry watches that cater more to women and that aren’t lacking in the amazing specs that are automatically built-in to men’s watches.

Paris Hilton and Jennifer Aniston are among the female celebrities who proudly wear their Michele watches out. If these iconic ladies of the ‘90s and ‘00s turn to Michele for their watch needs, the brand is surely doing something right to really give the subtle elegance and sophistication every woman would want.

From Maurice to Michele

Michele Watches

Maurice is the brand’s namesake’s grandfather, who was the starting point of this all. Maurice Barouh was a watchmaker in the ‘40s who took passion in creating watches using only the most high-quality materials.

This devotion was added on with his son Jack’s interest in fashion trends. This mix of fashionability and functionality became the brand’s signature even before it was a brand. In 1995, the business is set and the name Michele is put on paper, named after Jack and his wife’s first daughter who soon took over.

Limitless style options

The word limitless best describes the brand because every aspect of the design can be customizable to your preference. It’s made possible by the interchangeable straps that can go with whatever model of dial or case you choose. The straps selection are already versatile in itself. There’s a wide variety of colors and materials to choose from including rare leather, grosgrain, alligator, calfskin, silicone jelly, stainless steel, gold-plated, and two-tone versions. For the bracelets, the interlocking fastening allow for the perfect fit that the more flexible straps provide.

The straps are one thing, the dials and cases are another. Because they’re the main part, you choose how extra or how minimal you want it to be. Some dials involve textures and patterns. For the dials and cases, the brand’s signature diamonds are somehow put in whether subtly or flamboyantly.

It’s almost impossible with Michele, but if nothing floats your boat, the brand’s Make Your Own page on their website allows you to customize everything according to your own creative visions.

Collections over the years

MICHELE Timepiece
Photo: Lcb Style

Michele has gone through some classic and creative collections over the years, with more than 10 under their belt in the 22 years the brand has been existing. Some of the more creative ones are the Deco Safari and Cloette Garden Party. The former incorporates some throwback ‘80s style with animal print and diamond-striped dials, while the latter came out in three styles: Butterfly, Bee, and Ladybug. The three had diamonds with carats of .63, .57, and .52 respectively, a Swiss movement, Mother-of-Pearls, and sapphire crystals.

The classic Michele collections that are here to stay are the Deco, Sidney, Serein, Urban, Deco Sport, and CSX. The first CSX 36 that was launched by Michele Barouh herself was the watch that made the brand’s presence known worldwide until this very day.

Smartwatch for women

Michele Connected Smart Watches

To go with the signs of the times, the brand moves towards new innovations with their Michele Connected, their very own jewelry smartwatch made specifically for women. Smartwatches are moving quickly because of the current trends in technology but there’s not as much selection for women as there are for men. Unless you’d be willing to wear the large ones with unattractive thick straps, don’t compromise style when Michele’s smartwatches offer the same functions but with a more appealing display. Some specs include sleep and step-tracker, controls for volume and photos, vibration notifications for texts, calls, and app updates; all can be navigated through the side buttons.

The brand now runs under the Fossil Group but still follows Michele Barouh’s creative direction. The merge just expanded their market to an international level, which means it’s easier to find Michele pieces wherever you are. With their personal and fashionable touch on the pieces, you would want to find them for yourself or for the strong female force in your life, whether your mom, partner, sister, or friend.

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