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While technology has been part of our lives since time immemorial, it was only the recent past decades that demonstrated how it can be quickly disruptive, revolutionizing the way we live and work, modifying behaviors, and changing how we approach and deal with circumstances in our daily lives. With the rise of numerous tools at our disposal, we have geared towards being and wanting more precision, speed, and productivity. Quite ironic as time can be one of the most accurate measurements we can identify, one watch brand is telling us to take a step back, breathe, and worry less about every single detail in general.

MeisterSinger Watch Reviews

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Turning passion into reality

MeisterSinger Pangaea 1Z (PM903)
MeisterSinger Pangaea 1Z (PM903). Photo: uhrenlounge

Founded in 2001, Weller Manfred Brassler started MeisterSinger after he sold his 10-year old company called “Watch People” with Klaus Botta in 1999. A self-taught jeweler, he wanted to focus on creating higher-end mechanical timepieces, applying the knowledge has learned over the years. And so MeisterSinger was born in Münster, Germany, which was an ode to 15th and 16th century singers and poets who grouped together as a guild.

According to Richard Wagner’s opera, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (The Mastersingers of Nuremberg)—one of the most popular and longest operas still being performed today—the person to have reached a new note was crowned Meistersinger.

Highlighting cultural tradition

MeisterSinger - Salthora Meta X
MeisterSinger – Salthora Meta X.

Perhaps a reaction to the fast-paced, detail-oriented, clear-cut approach to business and even sometimes to our personal lives that we presently, proudly praise, MeisterSinger took inspiration from the lifestyle in the Middle Ages. Tower clocks back in the day only had a single hand, signaling the populace with time estimates of how the day progressed and helping them plan ahead. When industrialization came about, people have started to be made aware of the passing of time up to its tinier details—minutes and seconds, sometimes even more.

MeisterSinger offers an alternative, more relaxed way of telling time. Even its logo—an upside-down formata on the top—suggests pausing in musical context. Setting itself apart from other brands, MeisterSinger watches have only a single hour hand, similar to medieval tower clocks, such as the Westminster Abbey. To read time, the wearer can gauge according to the nearest five minutes. Another defining feature is prefixing the hours one to nine (1-9) with a “0” so all numbers on the dial has two digits.

Delivering only the significant won hearts

MeisterSinger Timepiece

The brand makes both manual and automatic watches. While it started with single-hand watches that cut out the concern over seconds which MeisterSinger considered unnecessary, it eventually developed more complex watches that include complication such as weekday, date, and even another time zone. Over the years, it has successfully improved its sophistication, crafting and perfecting its movement (the MSH01) specifically for its single-hand feature, in Switzerland.

With a team of only 20, MeisterSinger has garnered numerous awards. Among many other recognitions, the Perigraph has won Watch of the Year in 2012. The N° 03 bagged the Good Design Award in 2007, while the N° 01 was awarded 2004 Watch of the year in the Netherlands. The Adhaesio won the iF Design Award in 2016. And the MSH01 was recognized for its product innovativeness and design in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

MeisterSinger gives the wearer a break from the demands of a fast-paced, streamlining-obsessed society we are turning into. A nod to the quieter and humbler times of the past combined with innovative mechanical precisions geared towards the future, the brand empowers customers with more headspace for thinking about and doing the most important. MeisterSinger wants its wearers to shake off the notion that “time is running so fast” and instead, to just focus on and savor the moments of simplicity.

MeisterSinger New Jumping Hour Watch
MeisterSinger New Jumping Hour Watch

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