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If you’re looking for a first watch that would look great on a career person with a promising future or a businessman just starting out, then your time is now… to get a Maurice Lacroix.

The brand preserves the long watchmaking tradition of the Swiss with its meticulous process and stands out every now and then for its exceptional designs. The contemporary builds will be an attractive finish to a client who knows his or her watches and wants to enjoy every dollar spent for a piece.

The brand born out of experience

Maurice Lacroix Boutique in Berlin, Germany.
Maurice Lacroix Boutique in Berlin, Germany. Photo: Cineberg 

Before 1975, there was no Maurice Lacroix, but its parent company, Desco von Schulthess, already laid down the foundation.

The latter was an international company that had a relatively longer history, having been established in 1899, and an extensive experience in representing Swiss luxury watches, but not with manufacturing their own watches. The brands include familiar names that evoke exclusivity such as Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Tag Heuer.

As the company’s interest in the watchmaking grew, they invested on producing timepieces right at the facility they acquired in the Swiss Jura mountains. They were content on assembling parts like dials, cases and movements for timepieces from third parties for some time… until they weren’t. And so, in 1975, the next step was taken: the first watches from the company were launched, under the now well-respected name of Maurice Lacroix.

Produced right in the Swiss Jura mountains

Maurice Lacroix’ mechanical watches are manufactured in Saignelégier, the same assembly place Desco von Schulthess bought in the 1960s.

Since its first watch in 1975, Maurice Lacroix has worked on creating and innovating its own movements. It eventually presented its first, the ML 106 calibre, which was developed in its entirety within the confines of the manufacture in the Jura. This put the company at the same league as established luxury brands that make complex movements and components themselves.

Despite this similarity, being unique is still a goal easily attained by Maurice Lacroix. Its use of the latest CNC technology in manufacturing high quality parts, down to tiniest of them, allows them to do so as well as conduct enough tests and inspections to ensure the quality of their products. All its movements and calibers that are produced in-house are thoroughly enhanced, customized and fitted to make everything go swimmingly. The surface finish is done as meticulously as well, giving a product that will inspire awe among other watch lovers. Everything is fitted by hand to guarantee quality and efficiency as no machine can be as dedicated as experts in watchmaking.

The collection that put the brand on the map

Maurice Lacroix Les Mécaniques

Maurice Lacroix has enough well-made collections to interest a watch enthusiast, but among those stand out the first the brand to success: the Masterpiece.

The Masterpiece, or Les Mécaniques, is deserving of the name for timepieces that have proven enviable up until today. Models include those based on the releases of the company during the quartz crisis that crippled Swiss watchmakers, and enhanced to make Maurice Lacroix deserving of the prestige it received in the 1990s. Some of these heritage pieces are alarm wristwatches and chronographs. The line is beyond interesting for fans, as it includes models that features retrograde movements, calendar modules, as well as power reserve indicators.

Last year, Maurice Lacroix release an update of its Masterpiece models that were famous from the year 2003 until 2004. Minor adjustments were made to update its already rich design to make it more appealing to customers seeking modern Masterpieces.

Models that appeal across the board

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Chronograph Skeleton Dial

Maurice Lacroix remains big in Europe, especially in Germany, which was the first country to enjoy the timepieces after Switzerland. But forty years later, the brand still wants to expand its market, and so it launched its AIKON collection, thought to appeal to customers all over the world.

AIKON models are generally classy but with hints of timely, modish touches that will make them gorgeous timepieces to adorn. The general look is inspired by a 1990s collection, the Calypso, which caught the attention of customers of entrepreneurs and executives. The added embellishments were intended to appeal to modern tastes. The collection currently has three models: AIKON Gents 42mm, AIKON Ladies 35mm, and AIKON Chronograph 44mm. The last one is especially ideal for the active customer.


Maurice Lacroix Aikon Chronograph

Although more affordable than most, Maurice Lacroix is right up there at the level of big Swiss players, for its high-end, precise watches that are classical in design yet still tap into a modern clientele. It upholds the high standards set by the Swiss watchmaking industry, and still produces reliable and innovative watches. So, have no doubt because the time is now… to wear a Maurice Lacroix. The watches are exciting, stylish and will not let you down as it adorns your wrist.

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