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Have you ever wondered what watch brand FIFA, Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are sporting? In the world of sports and athletics, a durable timepiece will always come handy. They have to undergo intense manufacturing and quality control to be able to provide professional timepieces to the athletes.

And there came the name, Hublot, famed for its philosophy “The Art of Fusion”, Hublot watches literally are works of art and proven to be durable and timeless, as this came to be the brand name of some of the athletes we popularly known today.

Now, let’s see how this Hublot came to be from classic timepieces into innovative, modern and sleek designs.

Hublot Watch Reviews

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From one watch to a huge brand

Carlo Crocco, once a part of the Italian Binda Group known for crafting Breil watches, left the company in 1976 to start on his own. He moved to Switzerland and established MDM Geneve. Carlo Crocco began designing a watch he named Hublot, a French word that means “porthole”. There, his prowess brought into existence the very first watch in history that featured natural rubber straps. Though Hublot’s first debut in the 1980 Baset Watch Fair didn’t have a favorable outcome, its sales growth during the first year of its operation was such a huge success. Since then, Hublot began to create great influence in the market with its trendsetting watch collections. Hublot timepieces has defined itself with its classic cutting-edge and contemporary watch designs.

Hublot sign outside a boutique in Kiev, Ukraine. Vladi333
Hublot sign outside a boutique in Kiev, Ukraine. Vladi333

The art of fusion

Hublot’s guiding principle since its establishment in the 1980 is “The Art of Fusion”. It was a philosophy that directs the company’s action, innovation and development. It showed Hublot’s journey in revolutionizing the field of watchmaking which made the brand unquestionably unique. To this day Hublot has more than 80 boutiques around the globe showcasing this philosophy.

Hublot’s success started with its amazing collection of unique timepieces, and the story about each of them is certainly worth telling.

Vendome Collection

In 1993, Hublot presented its Geneve Collection called Vendome. It showcased Hublot’s classic rubber strapped watches and has been considered to this day as exquisite and exceptional. It features the 582888 imprint on the back with plain workings and plastic intern. This was manufactured to make the watch more affordable. They only produced 700 of these watches that seeing this timepiece even in photographs would be extremely rare. However because of the rarity of this watch, the price of has ultimately doubled. Making it such a contradiction that a watch once made for the purpose of affordability is no longer affordale.

Hublot Classic Fusion Vendôme Collection
Hublot Classic Fusion Vendôme Collection

Big Bang Collection

The Big Bang Collection was under the expert supervision of Jean-Claude Biver. In 2005, the first Big Bang was presented with the application of the Fusion design by Hublot. The collection features its big bang steel and Swiss luxury chonograph. Highlighting the label’s classic and sleek cutting-edge design making every piece in this collection versatile and unique. The style is inspired by the company’s philosophy “The Art of Fusion”.

The combination of materials in this collection are an oddity making each one of them an extraordinary piece. Crafted from ceramic, magnesium, carbon, titanium and steel of yellow, red and gold, the Big Bang timepieces are really the work of a true artist. Today the Big Bang line are one of the most popular wristwatches worldwide that can be worn by both men and women, this may be one of the reason why this line is such a great achievement.

Hublot Big Bang Unico 42mm
Hublot Big Bang Unico 42mm.

The Big Bang referee smart watch

Hublot’s success came to dominate the sports world. The brand crafted customized Big Bang watches to the referees officiating the UEFA Euro 2008 and was asked by FIFA to manufacture specialized watches perfect for their referees during their matches. In 2010 Hublot was the official time keeper for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Hublot also sponsored well-known basketball teams the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. The brand has also been the official watchmaker of Formula 1.

Other Sponsorships

Over the years, Hublot has raised its public profile and proved its innovative success globally. In 2008, they made a sponsorship deal with the football club Manchester United. Since then, Hublot began endorsing top football clubs such as Ajax Amsterdam, FC Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain. The label also teamed-up with the Financial times highlighting the iPad app in the newspaper and with the Archaeological Museum of Athens presenting Hublot’s “Tribute to the Antikythera Mechanism”. By the year 2011, Hublot was also one of the prominet sponsors in Oslo for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Incredibly so, Hublot was made the official sponsor by Ferrari for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 F1 Season.

Hublot watch at the Juventus Stadium (Allianz).
Hublot watch at the Juventus Stadium (Allianz). Anton_Ivanov

To this day Hublot continues its strong partnership with these associations. The brand’s genius in innovation never fail to surprise us. Hublot’s extraordinary vision and commitment to the future is remarkable. Truly, the label has become one of the most trusted brand around the world.

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