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In today’s world where luxury watch industry continuously on the rise, renowned watch companies including Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux and the Richemont Group are consistently innovating to produce high quality timepieces for the global market.

Different conglomerates on watchmaking flourished through the years as the need for durable and innovative timepieces continuously rise rather than decline even in today’s digital age. These group of companies have various tactics and strategies to promote their brands globally. Some preserve their heritage roots while others persistently research and study to improve their mechanical complications.

These branding strategies have become effective as these companies successfully made it to the top in terms of watchmaking. And if we’re talking about a group of companies or a conglomerate which has been a household name ever since, the Swatch Group is the leading. This group is the world’s largest watch manufacturer and marketer at present. More than twenty watch brands are under the affiliate Swatch Group. But what brand, under the conglomerate has consistently made its way to the big screen? And becomes pilot favorites through the years?

Of course, Hamilton! Remember the movie Interstellar directed by Christopher Nolan and released in 2014? The Hamilton brand constantly collaborates with world’s leading directors, costumes designers and screenwriters for watches being uniquely produced for a specific movie. The brand worked with the production team to come up with a distinctive timepiece for the character Murph. But how come this label has become a ‘movie brand’ today? What is the story behind the brand that it became popular in the Hollywood scene?

Hamilton Khaki automatic watch

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American-Swiss inspired brand

Now, let’s trace its history and tradition and how this brand strategically established its name globally. Hamilton was initially headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and eventually relocated to Biel, Switzerland. Its American heritage is fused with Swiss watchmaking tradition making the brand more pleasing to the global market. The merger of these two does not only make the brand more appealing but innovative and revolutionary as well. A unique Hamilton watch is infused of high quality materials, high technology, and distinctive designs, both from American and Swiss tradition.

Montre Hamilton Double Face Watch
Montre Hamilton Double Face Watch

Hamilton, a military favorite, a pilot’s watch

The brand produces functional timepieces for the military. The introduction of 1941 marine chronometer Model 21 and the observation watch Model 22 proved that Hamilton creates reliable and precise chronometers that even the military learned to love.

At present, the brand is the leading timekeeper of the Red Bull Air Race world championship, taking the brand into greater heights in horology.

Hamilton Pilot Watch H64715535.
Hamilton Pilot Watch H64715535.

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Hamilton and Hollywood

Not just a pilot’s favorite, but a go-to brand of directors and costume designers in the silver screen. The designs and features of the brand become the favorites of film-stylist. The brand was featured in renowned action movies like Die Hard, Predators and You’ve Got Mail. Up to date, there are over 300 films which featured unique Hamilton pieces in the big screen.

This American-Swiss inspired brand is a story of a successful union of innovative American technology and Swiss traditional artisanship. The journey Hamilton into the aviation sphere up to the Hollywood scene has proven that the brand can strategically make its way to be one of the most sought-after watch brand in the world.

Hamilton mini boutique in Lotte Department Store, Busan, Korea.
Hamilton mini boutique in Lotte Department Store, Busan, Korea. Sorbis

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