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The Swiss and the Japanese may compete neck and neck with each other, but north of Switzerland, there also exists a watchmaking culture worth noting. Germany has been honing its horologists for generations, and yet, it isn’t talked about as much as its neighbor. We’re taking a detour from your usual Swiss and Japanese brands to learn more about Glashütte Original, one of Germany’s most respected and admired luxury watch brands.

Glashütte Original Watch Reviews

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To discover Glashütte Original is to explore German watchmaking

The brand does not deny the big influence and hold the Swiss and the Japanese have on the watch industry, and thinks that it is a high honor to be competing alongside them and be considered as a serious contender. More than anything, their rivals inspire them to prioritize accuracy and functionality, qualities that the German themselves value.

Having a Glashütte Original on your wrist is akin to having a piece of German horology with you all the time. The company holds the highest standards when producing its timepieces, thoroughly and lovingly made on the inside while appearing uncomplicated in its designs. It showcases the German brand of beauty and elegance in its timepieces, which means that its watches are clean and simple so as not to distract from the overall purpose of the watch. One should not be fooled by the purist design, though, as the work behind its dials is intricate and delicate, that it’s interesting to see how all the tiny components work together to maintain its watches’ precision.

Glashütte Original makes sure that the “Made in Germany” branding remains synonymous with high-end engineering. Although now owned by Swatch Group, the company keeps the entire manufacturing process in-house to maintain a German touch, one of the few in Glashütte that can still do so. The timepiece parts produced is also in high demand for use of other firms.

Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar.
Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar. monochrome

The historic legacy of Glashütte Original

Although the name and the company today only officially began known as such in 1994, it has more than 170 years of history to back it up.

The company borrows its name from the town of Glashütte in Saxony, Germany, where it all began. In 1845, the local government led by Ferdinand Adolph Lange, a watchmaker himself, started working on his vision of creating high end, luxurious watches in the town that was formerly known for its mining. Having apprenticed in Dresden and later on in Paris, Lange led the program for residents to begin their own apprenticeship. Soon enough, residents persevered in developing new designs and movements, some of which became recognized as the most advanced and complicated at the time.

All these eventually paid off by the beginning of the 20th century, when the town began being known for its high quality watches and exceptional work in horology. In 1951, the remaining watchmakers in the town decided to join forces and became the state-owned VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB). Few decades more, the GUB was privatized and became Glashütte Original.

This long history is still reflected on the current collections of Glashütte Original. Today, the company continues to build not only its reputation but also that of its hometown, so much so that Glashütte can’t be mentioned without attaching its rich watchmaking culture to it.

Glashütte Original - Senator Chronometer
Glashütte Original – Senator Chronometer

The timepiece that encapsulates Glashütte Original

While the company offers plenty of options that will showcase unmatchable German engineering, its Pano series is arguably the most famous among fans. The series is further classified into PanoTourbillon, PanoMaticLunar, PanoReserve, PanoGraph, PanoMaticCounterXL, PanoInverse, and PanoMaticInverse. Most of these are made with automatic wind movements, save for the mechanical ones in the PanoReserve and the PanoTourbillon.

The Pano series is distinct in its appearance that seemingly combines the contemporary with tradition. The watches feature an asymmetrical dial, and the overall design can be said to even appear art-like. Behind the pleasing aesthetics is of course impressive engineering that ensures there is more than just beauty to the watches. They are also reliable, and precise.

Glashutte Original Sixties Aqua Blue Dial

You would not want it off your wrist

To an enthusiast, it matters that a watch has a rich history, is aesthetically impressive and true to the watchmaking tradition. But what if you aren’t one? What would make you want to buy a Glashütte Original? It’s simple. You wouldn’t want it off your wrist. It’s beautiful with a distinct design, user-friendly, and high-end, with its in-house manufacture movement.

Even with a few paragraphs, we’ve already established that the brand is representative of how amazing its watches are. There is so much character and story in one alone, not to mention the top quality you are assured with the “Made in Germany” tag on it. Created in its local workshops, the watches are made with utmost attention and care by people who have extensive experience and passion for the art. And if sales are proof of its high repute, you just know that you’ll have an exclusive and elegant timepiece that promises extreme precision within reach.

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