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Master of complications. If a brand carries a slogan as powerful as this one, it must amount to something, right? Franck Muller happens to be that brand, and if you have seen one of their timepieces, you’ll surely agree that it is such an apt phrase for the watch label.

The watch brand offers exclusive timepieces, with intricate movements and unique designs. How do they do it? They have great team of craftsmen with experience and expertise in haute horlogerie, as well as a stellar founder who was at the center of the brand’s ascent to become one of the best Swiss watch brands today.

Muller’s journey

Franck Muller Founder

Franck Muller learned watchmaking when he was 15. His first real experience on the industry involved repair of top-quality pocket watches, where he was inspired to open a shop of his own. He studied in  l’École d’Horlogerie de Genève, then had a credible experience at the Patek Philippe Museum, which then opened doors for him to work for other horology brands.

However, he was serious about going after his dream of having his own company; hence the creation of his eponymous brand, Franck Muller. He wasn’t only determined to make watches, but also make a remarkable name that will have a permanent mark on the history of haute horlogerie. He toiled to come up with highly complicated timepieces, and his efforts were not in vain. His watches became world premieres, with an exceptional reception by watch collectors and enthusiasts.

From a humble production, Frank Muller ventured into a higher level of enterprise, aiming to have a prestigious brand. This happened through the help of Vartan Sirmakes, who has been instrumental in the opening and development of the House of Franck Muller. Eventually, the brand’s pieces stirred a positive uproar not only in Europe, but in the U.S. as well.

Haute horlogerie expertise

Franck Muller Evolution

So, why Master of Complications? One Franck Muller watch can have a complicated movement that has 200-1,483 components. Its most complicated timepieces even takes years to be completed. That’s what the label is all about—the more complicated, the better. But don’t fret, it still respects the Swiss watchmaking tradition while it pushes the boundaries of timepiece creation through its innovative ways.

Of course, with such an intricate process resulting to exquisite pieces, Franck Muller watches became a phenomenon for watch-lovers, even those in Hollywood. Some of the well-known artists and celebrities who have worn pieces from the brand include Demi Moore, Elton John, Mary J. Blige, and 50 Cent. And they do not only recognize the beauty of the timepieces, but their boldness and exclusiveness as well. More often than not, their watches are never-seen-before-pieces that one would definitely be proud to have; even famous people and prominent names, at that.

Some of the mechanical marvels of the label throughout the years include the largest tourbillon, smallest tourbillon, and so much more. But what the founder himself regards as his favorite is the complicatedly fun ‘Crazy Hours’, which totally changed the timepiece game for the whole industry.

Crazy Hours

Coming to the founder’s mind during a vacation, the Crazy Hours is a crazily complicated watch to make, definitely up there in the label’s standards. While it has an automatic movement, its module has a jumping hour feature that allows the hour hand to point to the correct hour even if they aren’t placed traditionally in the dial. The minute hand, however, moves normally round the dial.

So what’s the secret to the fun, complicated, and unconventional Crazy Hours?

Well, despite the numbers looking like they are randomly positioned,  they actually have a 120 degree arc distance from one another, allowing the ‘jumping of hour hand’ to happen smoothly. Since 2003, it has been famous around the world for its touch of eccentricity and overall aesthetic. In fact, on its 15th Anniversary Asia Exclusive this 2018, a more bright and fun look of the new timepieces of the Crazy Hours line will be reveled. This include shots of blue, red, and green colors on the dials and then sleek leather straps. Diamonds and rose gold hue are other elements added to make the men’s and women’s Crazy Hours watches stand out wherever they are.

What’s next for Franck Muller

Franck Muller Skafander Watch
Franck Muller Skafander SKF 46 DV SC DT

Currently, Franck Muller still doesn’t stop releasing awesome watches to add to its modern collection. While Franck Muller does not stay on the watchmaking bench himself anymore, he continues to share thoughts on the design and impart his technology expertise. He might not be that involved in the watchmaking process as he used to, but still, he remains to be very much at the forefront of store launching and he does a great job at being the face of the brand. Likewise, he is pretty confident in the group of people working for his brand, especially as he himself trained most of them during the 25 years of his hands-on commitment in shaping Franck Muller to become the label that it is today.

Franck Muller has an exciting 2018, with the info about their newest Skafander Watch spread out to the world since early this year, many are eyeing to have their own piece. Priced at around $21,486, people are sure to expect great things about this watch, and they are bound to be impressed. Just few awesome features of this watch, which will be delivered in September 2018, are its inner dive-timer-bezel, intelligently placed right on the dial, just between the hour and minute markers. Two pushers on the left side of its case also operate the bezel, plus a locking mechanism to secure them after setting the bezel.

Other ventures

Franck Muller Vanquard
Franck Muller Vanquard – Photo: acejewelers

A freer (schedule-wise) Muller currently has more time to focus on other ventures for the brand. Together with the Italian Sea Group, the brand launched the first ever Franck Muller-branded yacht recently. According to Muller himself, the idea was from a customer who likes yachting, a hobby that many of the label’s patrons enjoy, too.

Another branching out done by the brand is its restaurant business, with Sincere Fine Watches as their partner. Already two fine-dining restaurants in Hong Kong have been opened by the collaboration. Muller, with his relational and customer-oriented self, deem it as a great way to host the brand’s customers and friends. With Muller’s priority for the welfare and comfort of customers, no wonder people can’t resist the brand, its timepieces, and even its other businesses.

Franck Muller Hongkong Boutique
Franck Muller Hong kong Boutique

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