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A sophisticated and trendy watch is one way to upgrade our look. It isn’t about just telling time anymore, it’s about the timepiece’s quality, precision, accuracy and functionality. Today, a lot of stylish watches are made available in the market. They come in different colors, designs and sizes. We consider the precise engineering and intricate work in these luxury watches. Their quality is not in question, however, if there’s one watch brand that can withstand severe environmental condition and temperature changes, it will only be Fortis, the only watch brand that has passed extreme tests of durability and reliability.

Fortis was founded in 1912 by watchmaker Walter Vogt. It was the first company to manufacture wristwatches with automatic winding in 1926 and it was invented by John Harwood, that very year, Fortis launched its first self-winding watch called Harwood Automatic.

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Fortis in space and time

Fortis Spacematic Watch Limited Edition. Photo: Youtube – Watch Noises

The attention to detail and quality given to Fortis watches are impeccable. Every timepiece shows the company’s dedication to craftsmanship, refinement, smoothness, precision and accuracy. By the company’s 25th anniversary, they released their chronographs, Rolls and Autorists designed by John Harwood. Fortis watches were specifically made to accompany cosmonauts and military squadrons to their missions. Since the foundation, Fortis has been committed to producing durable and high quality watches to for the military and cosmo people.

By the year 1962, Fortis created the SPACEMATIC Automatic. It was designed to hold varying conditions in space. Spacematic was tested by members of a US space missions. Fortis watches has stood all the endurance tests making it the official watch authorized the Russian Federal Space Agency. It has simply proven its capability to be a part of the space mission. Since then, Fortis has been responsible for supplying cosmonauts and military squadrons their wristwatches.

As time passed Fortis continues to excel in their craft. We can say that all watches are powered for the purpose of time telling, they are designed for style and fashion but not all watches are crafted like Fortis. The only watch designed to surpass extreme environmental conditions may it be on earth, in air, underwater or in space. Fortis endured everything, it truly deserves our highest praises.



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With state of the art structure and sleek style, Fortis dive watches dominated and endured the strength of the sea. Crafted to resist the extreme pressure underwater, Fortis’ journey of overcoming the sea started when they released Fortissimo in 1943. It is the very first resistant watch that set the standard among luxury watch brands. Fortis Aquatis is a collection of the label’s timepieces that are durable for sports and are highly water-resistant, too. The collection’s pieces comes in different style, cuts and colors that make it easier for customers to pick what is suitable for their style. This collection proves that Fortis’ tool watches can also be stylish and durable.



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The space was another field Fortis conquered. In 1994, Fortis has been certified as the official watch of the Russian space program. They are responsible for keeping cosmonauts watches up to date. Their space timepieces truly is the cosmonaut’s watch. We cannot deny the fact that Fortis really is the only watch deserving to be in space. Having traveled the orbit’s of the Earth, Fortis becomes the permanent travel companion of cosmonauts in space.


Fortis Watch

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Becoming the leading expert in the creation and development of Pilot watches, Fortis aviation watches withstand high altitudes, and even broke a record in 1990. For years, watchmakers designed a timepiece that would make timekeeping for Pilots easier, and as smooth and accurate as possible. Thanks to Fortis’ unquestionable ingenuity, the company created its line of aviation watches with a distinctive style that gives every pilot a good fit and a gorgeous look…even in their casual get-ups. Fortis Aviatis is capable of withstanding high-altitude pressure environments, no wonder it among the most trusted designs by pilots worldwide.



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Every collection of Fortis showcases the brand’s rich history. This particular line is influenced by the graceful watchmaking heritage dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. The Terrestis collection is a way of reintroducing Fortis back to earth. Fortis Terrestis is a line of watches created to be a part of our everyday life’s adventure. The line is simply stunning, not only because of the design, but the smooth timepiece mechanism as well.

Fortis certainly is one of the few watch companies that can claim a hundred years of continuous success and innovative progress. The evolution of Fortis since its invention of the first self-winding watch is remarkable. The brand has traveled a long way, even dominating the air, the sea, the space and earth.

Fortis is a watch company that is focused on giving quality timepieces with the strength to endure all conditions while still remaining stylish and innovative, which truly made them stand out. What makes it truly special, is that it takes care of its reputation as a leader in innovation, especially when it comes to producing the finest watches that are almost indestructible in varying conditions.

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