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When it comes to luxury timepieces, Swiss pride themselves as the best and the standard of luxury watchmaking. The Swiss watches are known to be durable and timeless. They  have proven that their watches are intricately designed and possess the most complex mechanicals that most of us look for a luxury watch.

The Swiss watchmaking skills correspond to a long history of artisanship which started in the 17th century. It was years of watchmaking tradition, innovation and unique craftsmanship to have finally achieved artisinal perfection in their timepieces. Up until now, wherein a lot of Swiss watch brands already flourished, they are still committed to provide watch aficionados with high quality components, brand new images, and luxury experience for every timepiece they make.

So if you are looking for another Swiss made luxury watch, and you might be wondering which brand to buy, Ebel is definitely a brand worth considering.

It all started with love

Founded in 1911 of  husband and wife, Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, the merging of their initials, “Eugène Blum Et Lévy” began the longstanding years of timeless and unique watch craftsmanship. The Ebel tradition in watchmaking was sustained with the introduction of their son, Charles-Eugene Blum, who strengthened the brand’s name respectable reputation by ensuring excellence in quality and precision in every piece they make. Through his innovative ways, he was able to launch the first Basel Watch and Jewelry Fair under the brand.

This was the beginning of a fascinating story of Ebel. But how this Swiss brand so distinguishable among the others? What does Ebel watches have to become so unique that it maintains its name in horology for almost a century?

Ebel 1911 BTR Chronograph automatic
Ebel 1911 BTR Chronograph automatic

Architecture and watchmaking combined

If most of the Swiss brands are focusing their watch production on how to provide complicated timepieces with a lot of mechanicals, complex movements, and intricate detailing, Ebel creates simple, elegant and classic timepieces. These become the foundation of all its pieces ever produced from 1911 Chronograph and 1911 Lady up to its Ebel Classic 100.

Aside from being simple and elegant, Ebel watches have distinctive fusion of architecture and designs. This is evident with its La Maison Ebel, the Villa Turque, which is originally designed and built by Charles Edouard Jeanneret. The Villa Turque itself has been a long source of inspiration of perfectly crafted timepieces of Ebel. The harmonious proportions, soft curves, smooth textures and finishing details of the Villa are reflected to the artistic refinement and technical precisions of every Ebel timepieces. Indeed the fusion of architecture and designs to its watches has produce delicately designs and aesthetic sophistication of its timepieces.

Ebel 1911 chronograph
Ebel 1911 chronograph

Ebel now

Even though the label became quiet in 2000s, it still pursued to revive its ancient splendor with its new leaders and fresh collections. The collection 1911 BTR (Back to the Roots) takes the classic timepieces into a whole new different level by coming up with modernized designs, larger case and wider bezel. This is the beginning, of course, of maybe another century of Ebel’s longstanding tradition in watchmaking.

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