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You know a watch label is legit luxury brand when you see its pieces on the wrists of celebrities, the Royalty, and many more prominent figures. On top of mind, you have Rolex and Audemars Piguet, two of the most popular names in the watchmaking industry that even famous people collect them. But aside from these two big names, Corum is a solid choice that many celebrities go for, a name they trust to adorn their wrists with.

Corum Watch Reviews

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Famous pieces on famous people

Corum’s Privateer from the label’s Bubble collection was chosen by Johnny Depp to be part of his huge collection of luxury watches. He was seen sporting it back in 2005, with a quirky pirate skull in the dial, complete with intersecting swords. It’s a perfect representation of a famous role the actor played in the Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow.

The King of Martial Arts, Jackie Chan, has a chronograph piece from the Admiral’s Cup collection of Corum. In fact, he wore it while taping a stunt of him holding on to post giving the audience a good view of the creative design of the watch. A highly famous football player and a man with huge fan base all over the world, Cristiano Ronaldo sported two of the label’s pieces, Admiral’s Cup Competition 48 and Admiral’s Cup Challenger 44.

Former US President Ronald Reagan is also an owner of Corum piece, a historical one at that. He has the elite Corum Coin, which features a double-eagle coin dial and a casing of 18-carat of yellow gold. On top of that, its crown bears a huge diamond with a total of 0.17 carats. And what’s more interesting is that four more other US Presidents choose the same Corum timepiece to wear, too. Hence, the renaming of the piece to ‘The Presidential Watch’.

We could go on and on about prominent names who donned the timepieces from Corum. There’s Mike Tyson, David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye, Naomi Campbell, Elvis Presley, Pharell Williams, and so many more. The point is, if your favorite star love wearing the brand’s luxury watches, there must be a distinct quality in them, right? RIGHT.

Corum Golden Bridge Tourbillon Watch
Corum Golden Bridge Tourbillon Watch.

What sets Corum apart

Corum has an apparent passion for boldness and creativity, two main guiding principles where all their pieces are based on. It has existed since 1955, and even throughout the decades of changing technologies, demands and styles in the watchmaking industry, Corum stayed true to its core principles. Yet it also manages to come up with fresh ideas that show off its technical excellence and fine watch making.

The tradition of honoring the values set by its founders isn’t just empty words for Corum. As a matter of fact, iconic pieces that were launched many years ago were just given a few makeovers and dressed up a bit differently, yet they remained as part of highly-marketed pieces that still sells to many people, both famous and non-famous alike.

Testament to this are these Corum pieces: the Admiral, which has been around for 50 years now, and the Bridges collection, which is evolving with watchmaking history for the past 30 years.

Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon Skull
Corum Bubble 47 Flying Tourbillon Skull. Monochrome Watch

A quick glance back to its roots

Corum wouldn’t be the great luxury brand it is now without a founding experience that propelled it to a rockstar status in the haute horlogerie. The brand owes it to the uncle-nephew tandem, Gaston Ries and René Bannwart who started it all in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland way back in 1955. They were the ones who popularized the $20 gold coin watch that hit the best-selling status right away.

For the more recent minds behind the continued success of Corum, we give credit to Severin Wunderman, who was the ‘new’ owner and President of the brand from 2000 to 2008. Then in April of 2013, the brand was bought by now known as Citychamp Watch & Jewellery Group who retained the legacy of the founders and fired up the momentum of Corum.

Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch
Corum Golden Bridge Round Watch. abtw

Notable timepieces

A quick recall of the most-loved pieces and collections from the brand will definitely impress you, especially if you are a watch collector and enthusiast. Not only do they possess recognizable topnotch quality, but the touches of artisanship and seamless mix of new technology form such remarkable timepieces. No wonder they last for many, many years in existence; high-quality never gets old anyway.

The iconic series of Bubble pieces provided options for sizes which all contain the glamorous touch of sapphire glass; plus various limited editions with unique qualities added to each batch. A more formal design of the Buckingham also caught the attention of many since its release in the 1960s, along with the “dress line” that Corum came up with. Corum Classical Billionaire Tourbillon, a piece that is included in the Corum Tourbillon and Classical collection boasts of sapphire and diamond-covered design, a flamboyant way to express the expertise of the brand in watchmaking.

The new Corum Green Romvlvs
The new Corum Green Romvlvs

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