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In the wide array of timepiece options available in the world of horology, one must properly discern what to get. A checklist containing style, design, case shape, dial, movement, tech features, and other elements plays a major role in the decision-making, especially as watches aren’t exactly cheap investments. Preferences may vary per person, but most, if not all, want to be sure of the brand and model they’re going to purchase. And when it comes to assurance, you can count on Certina to give you top-quality watches that are perfect matches with your preferences.

Certina Reviews

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Journey to being “certain”

Certina Watch

Like most of iconic watch brands, Certina has Swiss roots, specifically from the town of Grenchen. It originally bore Grenchen’s Latin name “Grana” to pay homage to their town, launching a few timepieces that were recognizes immediately. The company started from the great minds of brothers Alfred and Adolf Kurth back in 1888, the first line of the family to establish and grow the watch brand. They had only three employees when they began, yet after Alfred’s sons Hans and Erwin got on board the management of the company, the brand set through a successful sail through the Great Depression and many other challenges, eventually expanding into a company with 250 employees on its 50th anniversary, and then to the internationally renowned label that it is today.

By 1930s, the word “Certina” has started to surface in the company’s transactions more often that they eventually got it registered as the sole and official name of the brand. The decision was made because of its easier to articulate and it means “certain”, “sure” or “assured”, from its Latin word “certus”.

Uncompromised excellence in their timepieces

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While there were also a lot of Swiss brands gaining momentum at the same pace as Certina, the main selling point of the brand is their outstanding timepieces that always offered more than the others. A perfect example for this was when Certina raised the bar higher in terms of water-resistance and shock-proofing when they released the “Double Security” watch, or the DS watch.

The DS watch challenged the next generation of watches to step up their game. The first watch with the DS concept had been totally shock-resistant, while it is also water-resistant up to 200 meters, which are all far from the previous specifications of watches at that time. Through this breakthrough model, the brand was able to cater to a new market that got its name known in a larger scope of watch fans and buyers.

Victorious expeditions with Certina

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The reputation the brand has built for its own made it the go-to brand for a lot of expeditions and adventurous goals. The DS watch became a dependable tool for a team who hiked Dhaulagiri and reached the top of Himalayas, with the watch performing excellently through the high pressure, varting temperatutes, and altitude.

Another expedition, this time around beneath the surface of the earth, where the water resistance of the DS watch was tested. The US Navy’s Sealab II conducted a marine research project where divers and scientists themselves testified to the reliability and excellent performance of the DS watch, despite the harsh conditions under the sea.

Certina’s DS-2 Super PH 500 M, on the other hand lasted for 2 months on an underwater tank during the Tektite underwater experiment. Four scientists were observed by NASA while they lived in residential tasks, and they have worn and used the DS watch all throughout and were impressed by how the ewatched held up. Going back to the surface expeditions, Miura, a well-known Japanese skier did an extremely daring jump from an altitude of 8,000 meters, and he did so with a DS-2 Chronolympic in his wrist, going down by 1,000 meters.

Embracing changes and advancements

Certina Watch

With the massive success of the DS watches, Certina explored more options on how to improve and expand its expertise. One avenue that the brand explored is biorhythm. Through the Certina Biostar,  emotional, mental, and physical biorhythms of a person can be easily monitored.

Not only did the timepieces of the brand tried out new things, but the company itself. Come 1983, Certina became an official part of new SMH Group then, which later on became the Swatch Group Ltd., a very successful front-runner in the world of watch groups. With SMH, Certain continued to launch awesome timepieces, mostly building on the success of its previously released pieces.

2017 saw Certina’s step further into providing watches that are of great quality and of reasonable price. It also reigned the enty-level watch industry, while never compromising the quality of its pieces. In fact, its Quartz Calibres are first subjected to COSC certification, to assure the best quality of the timepieces they manufacture.

Continued culture of robustness

In every milestone of the brand, it carries with it the true essence of its Swiss roots and takes that to another level. Its branding always proudly shows the personal logo and symbol of the brand—the turtle shell. With that mark, you can be sure a timepiece is durable even under extreme circumstances.

Certina, now past its 130th year since its foundation, has come to prove the truth in its iconic logo. The turtle, which symbolizes longevity and robustness, reflect the company’s years-long of hard work, commitment to craft and extreme expertise in the art of watchmaking.

Certina Watch Logo

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