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The had been countless of instances when horology had been tested by shifts in the industry and emerging new trends—there’s the quartz crisis, great leaps in the advancement of technology, rise of digital watches, shift to e-commerce, among others. To cope with such challenges, a lot of brands have chosen to compromise some of their traditions, yet there are still a few that stayed true to their core and remained relevant in the industry until this very day. One of these respected watch brands is Carl F. Bucherer.

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Lucerne’s first

Carl F. Bucherer Lucerne 1888

The town of Lucerne, Switzerland, welcomed its first ever watch and jewelry shop in 1888, when Carl-Friedrich Bucherer, an entrepreneur and a businessman launched his eponymous brand and store called Carl F. Bucherer. His wife Luise has accompanied him from the very beginning, but their sons Carl Eduard and Ernst were able to join the business in 1920. They have gone through different experience regarding watchmaking and the business itself, making them competent enough to bring the brand to a greater success…and they did.

Ernst even started a partnership with the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, back when the brand was starting, too. Carl F. Bucherer featured the then not-so-known brand into its collections, the first few pushes that helped Rolex gain momentum towards its upward climb to success. No wonder that until this very day, Rolex and the Bucherer House still maintains an amicable relationship as valuable partners.

Series of expansion

Carl F. Bucherer Flyback Chronograph Models

For over 125 years Carl F. Bucherer experienced all sorts of expansion—from the time that it was a little store in Lucerne, until today that it is an international brand that carries the pride of being a certified Swiss luxury watch label.

The expansion started with other cities in Switzerland, mainly in tourist spots where people would most likely frequent. Although the 1930s proved to be difficult for business expansion due to the crises, the House was able to slowly but surely, establish its branches all over country. More Bucherer’s down the genetic line were able to impart expertise to the brand’s growth, especially in the management aspect. By 1980s, Jörg G. Bucherer was able to help the company create shops and presence in Austria, and later on, after ten years, in Germany.

At the end of the 80s, Bucherer was able to buy acquisition rights to the Kurz Group and then the Swiss Lion AG in early 2000s. During such time, the foundation of the Carl F. Bucherer company started, to ensure proper management and overseeing of the traditional of watchmaking that the Bucherer family is known for. It was the essence of the watch brand, and because of the care and value the company put into it, it remained unchanged and untarnished up to this very day.

Best collections and pieces

Carl F. Bucherer Flyback Chronograph
Carl F. Bucherer Flyback Chronograph

Carl F. Bucherer’s pride in its watches isn’t all just hearsay—they’re 400% true. Pieces from the brand carry unbelievable technology and loaded with features that never leaves a customer unsatisfied. Some of the best pieces among the watch collections of the brand include the Manero Flyback, a watch that is aesthetically pleasing—a man’s watch, if you may. Its handsome dial has a beautiful finish, featuring different indicators yet remaining uncluttered. The Manero Peripheral, on the other hand, carries the in-house movement of Bucherer, one of the big milestones of the brand.

There are a lot of breakthrough pieces and collections form the brand, yet an introductory article to them wouldn’t give justice to their beauty, precision and high quality. Hence, we end with the Limited Edition Patravi Scubatec Manta Trust, durable, high dependable, and awesome-looking piece that can withstand the pressure underwater to assist the user. But as said, many others can serve as testaments to the ingenuity and legitimacy of all pieces from the brand, especially those that carry the brand’s very own movement made inside the Bucherer manufacture.

House of Bucherer today

Carl F. Bucherer Boutique in Lucerne
Carl F. Bucherer Boutique in Lucerne

One of the major source of pride of the brand is that it is among the very few brands that remained with their founding families. Another source is the place where all the success and fame of the brand started—Lucerne. It was the place where dreams of Carl Friedrich Bucherer started and it still influences and inspires the design and pieces of the brand. The deep roots of the brand in its birthplace is undeniable, aa glimpse of which can be felt in the new and most recent tagline “Made of Lucerne.” This line definitely encapsulates who the brand is and how it came to be.

Aside from a new tagline, what’s new is the path that the label is going to take in the next few years, as it redefines its branding and aims for another success as it goes nearer to its 130 years of existence. Part of these is the launching of largest watch and jewelry store in Paris, as well as Scandinavia. These spacious, gorgeous, and elegant boutiques allow customers to experience buying a Bucherer piece in a very genuine, luxurious, and personal way—unlike how it is online, deemed lacking of personal touch to the selling strategy.

With the path that the label continues to walk in, plus different amazing collection and pieces that the newly built stores of the brand exude, it is true indeed that family, exclusivity, class, elegance, and tradition are always first for the Hose of Bucherer—and such personal and quality service, plus a collection of must-have timepieces, are what urge people to come back for more.

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