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If there’s a watch brand that has made a significant contribution to history, it’s the Arnold & Son. This label started marking its historical milestones in watchmaking since 1736. Truly, for over hundreds of years, Arnold & Son definitely stood the test of time.

The Conception

One of the most remarkable British watch brand, its iconic timepieces is truly world class. Started by John Arnold, a master and a skillful craftsman whose genius in designing watches became the very foundation of the company’s historic success. His interest in watchmaking began at a young age, he was his father’s apprentice and learned the basic skills from him.

At age 19, John Arnold left England to learn more about his craft, it may be one of the reasons why Arnold & Son’s timepieces are incredibly precise, practical and of high quality. When he returned two years after, he brought with him skills and had acquired knowledge in speaking outstanding German, a great edge to build a name at the court of George III. This marked the beginning of his momentous career in watchmaking and his respectable name in London.

Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36
Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36

Fame of John Arnold among the Royalties

John Arnold became a legend in the watchmaking industry that even the Royalties wore his watch. He became one of the most notable man during his day. His clientele grew and was respected by everybody in his profession. His creations was associated with the most prominent men in the history—he designed a watch for King George III twice. It was regarded as the smallest repeating ever created, the watch bearing a ruby cylinder in the watch, which the King truly appreciated, prompting him to make a request for another piece. Even Napoleon Bonaparte had a high regard for the man and owned an Arnold Clock as well.

Arnold & Son Collection

Arnold & Son’s ingenuity is profoundly impeccable. The brand has proved itself over time and revolutionized precision timekeeping. Up to this day, Arnold & Son continues to give us elegant and accurate watches. He was recognized for his invention of the precision chronometer. His watches holds charm that has been admired throughout history there is no doubt that Arnold & Son is here to stay.

Here’s the brand’s unique collection of watches in the modern times:

The Royal Collection

Arnold & Son Royal Collection

This collection includes a series of timepieces identifying English royalties as regal and sumptuous. The collection is characterized by double-step bezel and lugs with intricate contours and soft curves. This series showcased visible movements, multilevel design and three-dimensional sensation of depth. This truly pays tribute to the unique heritage of Arnold & Son.

The Nebula

Arnold & Son The Nebula

Unlike the classic and historical pieces under the Royal Collection, this Nebula collection highlighted the state-of-the-art mechanical piece of the company. The designs in The Nebula collection are often symmetrical and holistic, meaning all components of the watch (case, dial and movement) are amicably incorporated into one aesthetic piece. The result of such is an extremely three-dimensional and well-crafted openwork timepiece.

The Constant Force Tourbillon

Arnold & Son Constant Force Tourbillon

The Constant Force Tourbillon collection features a patented constant force device in a 60-second tourbillon. This series of watches is a tribute to the historic marine chronometers of the brand. This highlights great precision as what the label always wanted to achieve.

The TB88

Arnold & Son TB88

This collection is an accolade of the earliest known pocket watch ever invented by Arnold & Son. The authentic base carries the number ‘88’, thus TB88. It is symmetrical with twin barrels at the top, balance wheel and the beat seconds indicator between 7 and 8 o’clock. These main features the beat seconds and the symmetrical twin barrels reflected the excellent craftsmanship of the brand.

TES Tourbillon

Arnold & Son TES

This collection showcased the classic English movement design. The barrel has a traditional wave-form in sapphire and created a maximum view on the openworked barrel and wheels. This allowed a three-dimensional effect and a contemporary vibe in the watch.

These and several other watch series (TBTE Tourbillon, TES Tourbillon, TE8 Tourbillon, TEC1, HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon, HMS1, and HM Koi) demonstrated the unique English heritage, the mechanical complications, marine chronometers, astrology, as the important foundation of the brand’s timepieces.

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