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Simply Be LogoShopping for plus size clothing can be frustrating. Even though there are cute choices, they often come far and few between, limiting the selection to garments that may be big enough but are often ill-fitting. For many curvy women wanting to be trendy, there is a demand for clothing that is as varied as straight size apparel, coming in all styles and forms.

After a slight hiccup in marketing, British brand Simply Be is back to creating clothing that is without limits, giving big beautiful ladies the clothes they would actually want to own. Instead of settling for less than desirable options, shoppers can go from sweet and feminine to edgy and punk without worrying about form. For the brand, plus size women—or actually, average women since the average size is above the usual fashion standards anyway—don’t have to compromise, they can just simply be their own fashionable selves.

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Enough of boring plus size clothing

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The choices for bigger than usual clothing are often limited that it leaves women feeling defeated. Thankfully, Simply Be is stepping up its game, expanding and rebranding to bring its clothing to more women in dire need of stylish items.

Simply Be, which began in the United Kingdom in 1999, does not claim to be a leader in popularizing styles or be a game changer in the fashion  industry. What it aims to do is to be a store where there are more options in terms of sizes. Plus size clothing has been around for all of recent history, and the target is in no means grand, but the market is wanting. Simply Be is trying to change this by listening and engaging.

Most of its target shoppers just want to see clothes made for straight size fashion to also be accessible to them. Plus, with the increase in purchases made by millennials and youngsters from Generation Z, there is a call for clothing that is more appealing to young adult women. And so, the clothes in Simply Be’s repertoire are just like the offerings one would see out of straight size fashion boutiques, except they come in larger options. Instead of the boring, plain clothes companies often serve for their plus size divisions, what Simply Be has are fashionable. They’re fresh, they’re young-looking, they’re cool. And they don’t necessarily have to hide the curves.

Empowering women through clothing

The UK brand previously was criticized for its limiting depiction of plus size women. Although its models were considered the norm for advertisements directed at curvier women, consumers thought that there was no variety in the shapes of models and that the women in the ads were only representing a small fraction of them, and only those with an acceptable shape at that.

Even though Simply Be was not aiming to be exclusively marketing to plus size, it listened to this criticism and made steps towards becoming more inclusive. Part of its goal is to empower women anyway, and what more powerful way is there than putting up visuals? What it did was to call on curvy models that exude confidence, energy, sexuality and beauty with a campaign steps ahead from the common marketing for bigger women.

The team of models for Simply Be include Natalie Nootenboom, model and niece of DJ Steve Aoki, Sarina Nowak, formerly a swimsuit model for Sports Illustrated, and La’Tecia Thomas, an Australian model who also is a make-up artist. These women are seen by Simply Be as ideal because of their confidence and strong personality, unapologetic about themselves and embracing their bodies. Simply Be’s vision if to have their customers actually feel gorgeous, poised and sassy—that is one step towards empowering women with clothing, disregarding for a moment the next bigger endeavors that need to be taken to normalize bigger clothing.

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If shopping in person is unfulfilling for women who buy plus size clothing, then that feeling can be alleviated with Simply Be. The company revamped its site by putting together pieces of clothing so it could do the styling for the customer, instead of them having to go through each and every page trying to find the perfect addition to one article. This technique, while already available to straight size clothing sites, is not a common feature among plus size shops. This makes it one of Simply Be’s many approaches to making shopping normal for curvy women. It is a bonus that the women wearing the clothes on the website are actually closer to what a shopper may look like, making imagining the clothes on them way easier.

For women shopping from the US, Simply Be has exclusive selection just for you. For everyone else, the website has everything you might need, from sexy clothing meant to be worn in the bedroom and swimwear, to practical active wear and formal clothing so you could put your best fashion foot forward.

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