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Laprendo LogoThey may be in the few, but luxury lovers are anywhere, everywhere, looking to enjoy the finer things in life. If fashion is your drug, and you are miles away from where most coveted brands are located, the WWW has no shortage of options. In Singapore, a multi-branded boutique that goes by the name of LaPrendo has everything your heart desires. From Alexander McQueen to Maison Margiela, Prada to Vera Wang, this is your one-stop shop for anything high end and beyond.

LaPrendo Sales & Deals

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A beautiful coincidence

Yeo Shuyi - LaPrendo

Photo credits: Singapore Tatler (left) and femalemag (right)

LaPrendo is around for almost 12 years now, but it did not almost exist if not for Yeo Shuyi vacationing in Italy.

See, Yeo Shuyi, LaPrendo’s founder, was already retired. Her long and successful stint in financial trading afforded her to opt out early, and so she did. She boarded for Europe, and while there, was mistaken for a fashion buyer. Yeo Shuyi obviously was not, but being in perhaps was the most fashionable country in the world, the impeccable craftsmanship and designs drew her in anyway. She bought plenty of them, brought them all back home to Singapore, hosted a house party, and sold them all to family and friends. It was unintended, but that became the beginning of everything.

“I’ll take it.”

If you are wondering if the boutique’s name is Italian, well yes, it is. It actually means “I’ll take it,” which Yeo Shuyi’s loved ones and acquaintances said when she first took home the Italian goods, and what her customers would have probably said when they bought items from the online store she began shortly after. The experience of sharing luxurious designs and expert craftsmanship was a source of so much fun that it did not even feel like work. Yeo Shuyi only realized that it was official when the website started gaining attention.

We imagine that the sentence is what she and her team utters too in trips to Europe that she does every year, sourcing the cream of the crop from where most top brands are located, as well as in the United States. Today, there are more than 80 brands on LaPrendo, all offering some plush goodness delivered to you by Yeo Shuyi’s and LaPrendo’s eye for style.

The ideal LaPrendo customer

LaPrendo may carry the labels that would make anyone’s jaw drop with envy, but the LaPrendo customer is pretty much like Yeo Shuyi, unimpressed by names alone.

The founder of the multi-brand boutique recognizes that not everyone shares the same preferences, as her style is more minimalist. But the customer she buys for she imagines to be a classy, sophisticated customer who values design and quality over brand, and sees how having such a product will enhance her life.

Just a single click away

LaPrendo new shopping boutique in Ngee Ann City, Singapore.

LaPrendo new shopping boutique in Ngee Ann City, Singapore. Photo: femalemag

If you are in Singapore, you can stop by at LaPrendo’s boutiques at Dempsey Hill and Takashimaya S.C., with the latter housing the shop’s jewelry items. The brick and mortar stores are located right at the city’s fashion destinations, where LaPrendo clientele would not feel out of place.

If you’re elsewhere or just don’t have the time to visit, a website is easily accessible. The curated online stop will drop all designer apparel, accessories and jewelry right at the palm of your hand, provided with the necessary information so you can check out knowing you made the right decision. Handy stuff, especially since things bought from the store cannot be exchanged or refunded. LaPrendo delivers on Mondays, for orders made from Thursdays to Sundays, and Thursdays, for purchases finalized from Mondays to Wednesdays.

Get expert advice

Want to try on luxury but not sure what would fit you well? No need to fret, you can seek the help of LaPrendo’s style advisors who just know which materials and cuts would best work for you. If you have any queries, the team at LaPrendo will also gladly answer anything regarding size, fit or specifics about the brand or product you’re eyeing. The advisors can also help you out on picking an item based on your style or someone else’s if you are shopping for gifts for your loved ones.

For your fix of contemporary European fashion

Since 2006, LaPrendo has become among the top destinations, both online and offline, for satiating the desire to keep in style. Even though the brands are picked from the best, you can trust that the items on sale are not haphazardly chosen, but are instead carefully picked and curated so that you can one up your style.

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