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How to Use END Clothing Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with END Clothing
  2. Enter your personal information on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you’ve added the item on your cart, it will pop up instantly on the side.
  5. Click ‘PROMO CODE / GIFT CARD’ and add the code.
  6. Click ‘APPLY’ to get your discount and enjoy shopping!

How to add promo codes on END Clothing

Introduction to END Clothing

Even if you live in the central business district where high-rise department stores house menswear shops, or retail storefronts that are just blocks away from your apartment, nothing can beat the convenience of online shopping. With the everyday hustle and bustle in the city, the last thing you want is for shopping to feel like a chore. As online stores pop up like mushrooms and sprawl everywhere, it would be helpful if you know how to cut through the clutter. We’ve narrowed down the choices in online shopping for men, and for the savvy fashion fans out there who prefer the wide selection of a boutique they can trust, there’s End Clothing for you.


The start of END clothing

In a simple and unassuming spot in High Bridge in England, END Clothing was founded by Christiaan Ashworth and John Parker in 2005 after meeting and graduating from a university in England. Although both founders do not possess a background in fashion—Ashworth studied economics while Parker studied IT—their brand is now the leading destination, and haven, for men’s fashion and style. Housing only quality and modish clothing and footwear for the fine gentlemen around the globe, END clothing was able to establish itself as a fashion powerhouse, reflecting the founders’ years of hardwork.

A well-curated fashion catalog

With a well-curated catalog of menswear apparel as well as shoes, it offers collections from a roster of mid-level brands to luxury items. For the fashion savvy who has a tight budget, brands such as A.P.C., Acne Studios, and Comme des Garçons are available, sitting next to well-known names such as Adidas, Nike, and Yeezy. On the other side, END Clothing offers exquisite selection from luxury brands like Rick Owens and Valentino, and Japanese brands Kenzo and Onitsuka Tiger—all well-known  and highly praised classic brands in the UK and the US.

Apart from providing a wide array of menswear clothing and footwear choices, END Clothing constantly updates its collections with additional items including belts, hats, sunglasses among other accessories. It also offers grooming essentials for the face, skin, and hair. END Clothing has also opened apparel and footwear lines for women and kids, making it a must-shop spot for anyone looking for workwear mixed with streetwear styles.

Growing fashion force  

END Clothing is turning industry upside down with its growing fashion force, expanding to new physical stores. Coming on the heels of its successful digital retail store, END Clothing expanded its fashion game by launching a new flagship store and another brick-and-mortar stores—the former in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England and the latter in Glasgow, Scotland. 

The new Newcastle Upon Tyne flagship store was launched in celebration of its 10th year anniversary. Hoping to be the Northeast’s prime shopping destination for men, the stylish three levels of the Newcastle store boasts cutting-edge sportswear, casual attires, contemporary menswear, and luxury pieces from world-renowned French houses. The store, having both been designed by Ashworth and Parker themselves, is made of Carrara marble and concrete, and also features reclaimed brickwork, brushed steel, and natural maple wood.

The Glasgow store, meanwhile, opened in 2016, and features the same elements found in the Newcastle store. Just like in Newcastle, the Glasgow store is a three-floored fashion paradise for men.

A lottery in the fashion scene

END Clothing came up with an intriguing and unique way of selling some of its in demand items – through a lottery. Fashion enthusiasts who wants first dibs on the most sought-after pieces can enter the lottery to win the chance to purchase. The concept started when the Yeezy Boost 350, Nike Independence Day Sock Darts, and Nike Air Max “Patch” Pack were released in March 2016. Recently, sneakers such as the Adidas Yeezy Powerphase and the Nike Air Max 1/97 VF SW were also launched through the interesting process.

Dubbed as End Launches, the marketing strategy is seemingly simple and fresh, but is also revolutionary. It creates an even and fair playing field for all shoe fans without having to pay steep prices just to grab that limited edition sneakers.

No end for END clothing

The success of END Clothing is only starting as the company moves to greater heights. There is no end in sight to where the company is going but we assure you, your worries on finding the right attire ends here. Surely, now that you are familiar with END Clothing, there’s no need for you guys to fret as END Clothing is here to help you find a handful good-looking garb. Trudge down the streets to shop at their flagships stores or shop at home with a simple tap on your smartphones by simply browsing its selection, adding items to your cart, purchasing and sending the items out for shipping. Shop now and thank us later.

END. Clothing Newcastle Flagship Boutique

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