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How to add promo codes on Boutique1

Introduction to Boutique1

Fashion knows no language nor adheres to any zip code. In fact, you can search the whole planet and you will be surprised to find that fashion paradises abound just about everywhere. Sure, we all know the runways of Paris, London, Milan, and New York is in the height of the fashion game, but we ought to know that some places have successfully established itself as a must-visit fashion mecca. One of this is the Dubai, located along the Persian Gulf of the United Arab Emirates, that has carefully provided a beautiful mixture of luxury items and mid-range products both to its resident and millions of tourists every year.

With this in mind, we introduce to you a global leading fashion boutique that you should not dare miss, Dubai’s very own Boutique1.

How it all began

Dubai is no stranger to luxury. However, Lebanese Ziad Matta and his wife Lena, noticed a gap in the fashion industry in the region. With an intent of changing the fashion landscape in Dubai, the couple decided to open their very first fashion store at Emirates Tower in 2003. Delivering an anticipated multi-brand luxury lifestyle concept, they began to offer varied selections coming from beauty, home ware, and books.

Through this effort, the boutique was crucial in transforming the high-end and deluxe fashion retail in Middle East. With its known avant-garde approach, Boutique1 became the first in the region to launch its very own retail website. It also managed to deliver a comprehensive and impressive selection of the world’s most talented designers and coveted brands that includes over 200 luxury brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Elie Saab, Kenzo, Proenza Schouler, and Victoria Beckham.

Now, with locations all over the Middle East and Europe, Boutique1 is slowly expanding its physical reach. Yet, the success of Boutique1 does not end in its brick and mortar stores as its virtual fashion store is also serving the whole world. As a matter of fact, a large number of Boutique1 customers through its online retail shop come all the way from the United States, South America, Australia, and Europe.

Taking over Europe

Boutique 1

Recently, Boutique1 opened its doors to its European clientele through stores in a number of locations in London in 2016. The London flagship boutique is stationed in one of the prime vogue spots in Sloane Street that features an elegant decor and light color pallette and fixtures, warmly welcoming its new and loyal clientele. Boutique1 London screams high fashion as the boutique’s tasteful furnitures were even designed by Christian Liaigre, a celebrated Parisian designer and architect. Housing a contemporary cafe, and with two entrances to the store, one that offers a more discreet entryway that provides an incognito shopping, you just know that Boutique1’s clientele are no ordinary people.

Although the boutique in London is definitely located in a different zip code and culture, the same kind of luxe and exceptional shopping experience that the Dubai boutique is known for is equally offered by the staff of Boutique1 in London. This means that the favored complimentary beverages, personal shopping assistants, and a pair of seamstresses that tailors your clothing pieces on the dot are readily available. Plus, for those Londoners who prefer online shopping through, the site provides a same-day delivery and a click and collect service in London.

Pioneer digital fashion haven

First to launch an online retail shop in the Dubai, Boutique1 has already proven itself to be a leading digital fashion haven around the globe. Recently relaunching its website to its customers, the site now offers a speedy check-out, highly improved product shipping and delivery, unmatched omni-channel shopping experience, and a Fashion Insider content that beats any international publication.

A seamless shopping welcomes every Boutique1 customer that has a registered account to the site. A registered member can have access to her full and detailed purchase history and can easily submit a return. Further, reserving items and booking an in-store personal stylist appointment can be achieved effortlessly through the site.

Best of both worlds

Whether you walk through the elegant and carefully organized racks in Boutique1’s physical stores, or click and select on its sleekly designed retail website, you get the best of both worlds in shopping. That is because Boutique1 puts premium to customer satisfaction, ensuring that  every Boutique1 customer can enjoy shopping however and wherever they choose. Rest assured that any requirement you have, from finding the right fit to having a full-on wardrobe makeover, Boutique1 got your back.

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