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Introduction to Bob’s Watches

Saw a Rolex online that you want to buy? Looking to let go of a treasure? Well make sure the site’s Bob’s Watches, because that’s the place to go if you want to buy or sell one over the Internet.

Why, you ask? That’s because Bob’s Watches is touted the number one site for pre-owned Rolex watches. The website only has offers for timepieces from Patek Phillippe and Panerai, among others. Plus, simple Google search will show positive reviews of site as well as features from esteemed publications such as Forbes, Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times. You’re in good hands.

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A brief history

Founded in 1999, Bob’s Watches isn’t actually owned by a guy named Bob. The brains behind the site is a watch collector and connoisseur in the name of Paul Altieri, who has started his Rolex collection since the 1980s. Based in Huntington Beach, California, the company is the first among its competition to implement a process dubbed as the Rolex Exchange where the prices of the items for buying and selling are listed and is open for everyone to see. The system is for enacting financial transparency on the site. Bob’s Watches had this patented in the United States and is the only company that uses it.

Another goodie: the website also offers antique jewelry and GIA certified diamonds at great prices, sometimes even as high as 50 percent off.

One more distinction

Unlike most competitors on the Web, Bob’s Watches carries an actual inventory of Rolex watches, ready to be sold once you checkout. It is not an official reseller, but the items are authentic and the listings are not misleading. If ever you’re in a search for a Submariner or any other famous collection, you know that you can trust the site and have the item immediately if you wanted to.

Best prices on the World Wide Web for top quality

For buyers, Bob’s Watches makes it easier to sift through the timepieces that would fit your budget as well as your taste. Whether it’s for men or for women, or if the desired piece is modern or somewhat more old-timey, there’s something for everyone, especially since the site has grown significantly in the number of items being sold since its establishment in the 90s. The site is particularly famous for its collection of its vintage watches which has been stylish and coveted among collectors lately.

Regardless of price and make though, each watch is ensured to be of high quality through the in-house experts that inspect the items. Moreover, the Rolex watches are restored and serviced as needed by the site’s service center before being posted on the site. The teams can also deliver personalized service in the form of giving an educated advice on the specifics of a watch and how it would deliver the customer’s needs.

When you’re buying online, it is important the website can establish trust. Bob’s Watches adds that the transaction should be direct and honest. Because of this, the site has a pledge that specifically states that everything on it is genuine, down to the Rolex parts. If proven otherwise, Bob’s Watches promises that a full money back refund will be given.

Have the best sell for your Rolex

Brick and mortar pawn shops often do not offer the best price for your pre-loved item. Online, when you have no idea how much value your timepiece holds, it can be easy to be duped. Go with Bob’s Watches if you want a trusted mediator that can give you the most value for your item, even at a full market price. Plus, the website has a tool where you can check for yourself the authenticity through the serial number and estimate how much your timepiece would go for based on the year your Rolex was released. You can get an estimation just by submitting the form with the model specified.

Sellers are valued just as much as buyers, and Bob’s Watches assure the safety and security of the former. Privacy and confidentiality is of prime importance to the company too. Plus, you know your item will be entrusted to people who share the same hobby and know how to take care of your piece of equipment.

Final words

If you want an e-commerce site for watches that you can trust, then you can have that with Bob’s Watches. Run by an avid collector and hobbyist himself, the company can help buyers get the most out of their money and sellers to have the best value for their pre-owned treasures. On the site, you can expect transparency on prices. In a space where most things here you can easily be taken advantage of, the site takes the high road and keeps with its business philosophy founded on integrity and trust.


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