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How to add promo codes on Ashford

Introduction to Ashford

While wearing a watch is the most convenient way of telling time, a modish timepiece on your wrist also screams classy and style. Trust us, if you want to amp your fashion game, a watch that is both functional and strikingly designed should be part of your wardrobe.  

Among all the different watch designs and brands out there, it may not be easy to find the one that best fits your lifestyle. But fret not because Ashford, a luxury watch retailer that boasts timeless timepieces, got you covered. With their wide variety of fashionable jewelry and luxury watches, Ashford should, without a doubt, be your first stop. After all, the brand is an emporium of 100% authentic and brand new savvy luxury watches that are offered by the most widely known and reputable designers.

Brief history

Ashford has been in the online retail trade of luxury watches since it started its operations in 1997, in the city that is known as the capital of space exploration, Houston, Texas. Through the years, the company takes pride in its ability to provide a huge selection of watches with the best price and excellent quality. It is owned by Luxi Group, LLC until came in the picture and became one of its major owners in 1999. It was during this time when the two companies entered into a partnership that led to the company’s further success by venturing online.

Authentic Timepieces

A visit to will immediately indulge its every customer with only the most elegant watches from the world’s renowned brands. An individual’s personality is easily seen from choices in clothing and accessories, and at Ashford, you will surely be able to find a watch that will best suit your personal style.

More than that, you can be assured of the watches’ authenticity as the company guarantees that every watch purchased from them is shipped with its original packaging, serial number, and user’s manual. A two-year extensive warranty for protection of each of their watches is also provided.

Aside from luxury timepieces for men and women, Ashford also offers accessories including bracelets, necklaces, and rings.

Site Features and Offerings

The site features an alphabetical selection of the most luxurious watch brands today. From Baume & Mercier to Breitling, Cartier and Corum watches to Fossil, Movado, and Rado, to name a few, you’ll surely be able to keep time with any timepiece you choose.

For men and women alike, you’ll discover a glamorous collection of watches from top brands on the site not only by brand or by price, but also by band design (material, type, finish, length, and width) and by case shape and material.

A Timepiece for Everyone

Ashford sure knows that the diversity of watch collection it offers can cater to every possible customer out there. Whether you’re looking for a watch that suits an active lifestyle, or a classy timepiece that will go with the most formal of attires, or a casual timekeeper for that laidback weekend, Ashford has every design in every category in every amount.

If you are one of those who’d rather spend their weekends either by hiking or biking, rather than catching up on the latest Netflix show, Ashford features styles to suit your adventurous routine. For the active guys out there, Hamilton and Tag Heuer are available at Ashford. And for the ladies, Calvin Klein, Juicy Couture, and Technomarine are wise choices at Ashford.

For the working ladies and gents, you need  a watch not only for timekeeping purposes but to feel more confident and appear more respectable in your profession or business. After all, it’s not just shoes that makes a man, it’s his watch, too. For this purpose, pieces from Girard Perregaux and Tag Heuer, both available from Ashford, make a real statement in celebration of success in your profession or business.

Services Beyond Compare  

For some retailer, customer service tend to end once the receipt is signed and the product delivered. However, for a company that promises excellent customer service like Ashford, it goes beyond what is ordinary and extends assistance ever after every transaction. That is what Ashford lives by with its state-of-the-art repair center located within its premises. You can also be sure of the kind of repair the company offers as it also houses the best watchmakers who have decades of unparalleled experience under their belt. This service is available to any watch purchased from their site within its guaranteed two-year warranty.

Of course, Ashford believes and swears to the quality of every timepiece being sold in its shop. As such, all its watches has a 30-day money-back warranty program. Regardless, this does not stop them from offering any kind of repair service that is needed by its customers – may it be a change of battery or an overall mechanical repair. This way, customers will experience a hassle-free repair transaction without the need to go through a middleman, nor go directly to the designer.

We cannot overemphasize the importance of having a stylish and reliable timepiece on your wrist. For men, a watch is probably the only accessory that he can truly wear every single day. For women, having a super-stylish timepiece that serves both as a timekeeper and a statement piece is a worthy investment. Good thing, Ashford offers a variety of luxurious but top quality watches that will surely up the wristwear game of men and women alike from any of its 70 designer brands.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a favor and put your cash right where it belongs – in a timepiece from Ashford that exudes nothing but style and elegance.

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