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How to use Antonioli Promo Codes

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  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, add the promo code on the area beside the product.
  5. Click ‘APPLY’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on Antonioli

Introduction to Antonioli

If there is an Italian fashion boutique and e-tailer that knows the taste of millennials and people in high fashion circles, that would be Antonioli. The company houses articles for both men and women who are in command and would want to push the boundaries in their lifestyles.

The Beginning and The Bloom

Antonioli was Claudio Antonioli’s brainchild, opening the first brick and mortar store back in the late 1980s in Milan (because where else would it be?). It would soon move to another area but still remain in the fashion capital.

In Milan, it occupies a much talked-about store that is formerly a silent theater active in the 1920s. It was expanded and redesigned by avant-garde architect Vincenzo De Cotiis into a space that pays homage to its roots while consequently being hip enough to draw in the the dapper and the bold with items they’d be drooling to take. The interior is made of materials that are varied in refinement but would let the items on display steal your gaze and invite inspection, similar to the feeling a museum would evoke from a visitor. Besides the articles of clothing that some may deem pieces of art by themselves, Antonioli’s boutiques is full of beautiful prints by some of the most respected and even up-and-coming photographers there are.

If you’re ever in Europe and would want to visit the store but can’t just make time for Milan, Antonioli is also available in three other locations. Antonioli has boutiques in Turin as well as Ibiza, Spain and Lugano, Switzerland where they are also hits and have similarly awe-inspiring interior.

The Man Behind the Company

Delving deeper into Antonioli also means knowing Claudio Antonioli, the enigmatic founder who has lent his name to one of Italy’s first boutiques that house many brands.

Besides being an entrepreneur, he is very familiar with the underground scene as a night club owner and was one of the first to show love for streetwear brands. He invests in those that adhere to his personal style–incorporating safe and basic choices and then injecting alternative ones—with Heron Preston, Off-White and County of Milan by Marcelo Burlon among them. His stores in Europe as well as his website reflect his personality.

A sleek website and online service

Lucky for us nowhere near Italy, we can also access Antonioli through their online store. Aware of how the landscape is changing, the Italian boutique went live with in 2008.

Antonioli’s online presence can pretty much be described in the same way as the physical stores: modern, cool, clean, and easy to navigate. It keeps a prospective customer in the know by making in-season collections as seen on the runaway available right at its homepage. These are sometimes accompanied with live coverage, articles and interviews that explore more of the styles that fit Antonioli’s style, the other gems in Antonioli’s shop. When perusing the website, one can also seek the assistance of store representatives before making the purchase final.

Some items are shipped for free and some can be done with express shipping, sometimes for an additional fee. But if you’re near the Turin store and find an item that you like, you can see it in person for further inspection and leave it be if you decide against purchasing it.

A diverse collection

One would find it hard to be bored by the collection Antonioli boasts of, given that they are refined, beautiful, one of a kind, and worldly, not to mention presented in an enticing manner.

Claudio Antonioli is documented to be a big Rick Owens fan so the latter’s items are already a given. But if you need us to name-drop brands besides the American designer, we’d happily oblige. You can expect to see pieces from esteemed designer labels such as Givenchy, Vetements, Balenciaga, Valentino, Sacai, Balmain, Thom Browne and Yohji Yamamoto. Don’t hold us responsible if you can’t keep your impulses to shop under control, though.

Antonioli may not have the name recall of bigger multi-brand boutiques but it surely is notable for the exclusiveness it elicits for both its selection and the pride that comes with buying from them. It’s only understandable, given that the collection is well-thought with brands that are not merely hoity-toity but also significant in the world of fashion. The customers it entices are not only those with the purchasing power to buy, but also with class. They are cultured enough to appreciate the significance of the products as well as the spaces Antonioli occupies.

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