Dreading the Inevitable Holiday Hangover? Here are Skincare Cures To Counter Hangover Horrors


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Bells are ringing, lights are twinkling, and parties are upcoming! The holiday season is indeed upon us and we can’t help but imagine how fabulous all the festivities, dinner parties, and socializing would be. Are you picturing it all in your head too? How fun would it all be, right? You wouldn’t want to miss every second of it even when you know that it’ll most probably lead to your dreaded hangover.


It’s inevitable—all the partying and drinking would lead to the next day’s hangover, but the headache and dizziness aren’t out top concern…your skin’s condition is what we’re thinking about! After a night of drinking, your skin suffers great dehydration too! And it isn’t the one that can be easily fixed with just a few glasses of water. Sure, it would help, but you’ll need more than that to help your skin bounce back to its original glow. So before going into the best part of the season yet, let us prepare you for that dreaded holiday skin hangover.

Prep your skin before all the fun


Now that the festivities are just a few weeks away, make sure that you prepare your skin for the worst—HYDRATE! It should be a second nature to you at this point, especially if you’re a huge skincare junkie. Water brings in the much needed hydration in your skin, and if you’re planning to do more than just a few shots during the holidays, you better step up your H2O game.


But preparation doesn’t end with that, of course. Getting all those layers of dead skin cells off your face should be a second priority. Exfoliate with a product infused with glycolic acid to ensure you can get the best exfoliation. We suggest Glycolix Elite 10% Moisturizing Cleanser ($32.50), to make your skin glow while you’re partying, and also prevent your skin from looking dull the day after.


As the party nights draw nearer, about 3-5 days before the actual socializing and drinking begin, bring out your best sleeping mask to help your skin absorb all the moisture and hydration a skincare product can give you. While you sleep, Dr. Brandt’s Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask ($52) can calm your skin with its powerful mix of ceramides, fatty acids, and probiotics, which can also curb the dehydration and inflammation you might experience.

Recovery from the Hangover


Okay, so all the fun is over and you wake up with a terrible headache. Your skin would most probably be so dehydrated, but if you prepared enough, you’ll be lucky to have a few signs of lack of skin moisture. After chugging on liters of water, what you’ll need to do is pump your usual skincare routine with one that has a full set of ultra-hydrating products to ensure that your skin will gain back its moisture, glow, and radiance.

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Here are the best ones we suggest you use to move past the skin horrors of your hangover:

There you have it! Your best guide to allow you to join all the fun during the holidays and still maintain the flawlessness of your skin. And remember—these tips aren’t just for this upcoming Christmas season. You’ll know what to do when you’re invited to any fun party—say yes to your favorite drinks!


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