Eyebrow No-no’s: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Eyebrow No-no’s - Don’t Make These Mistakes - Featured Image

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Who would’ve thought that eyebrows would get really huge—figuratively and literally—in the past years? We have seen the trend go from ultra thin of the 90s to the bushy brows of 2018. No matter the style is, women all over the world had a mission in mind: follow the brow trend.

Remember the phrase “brows on fleek”? That started a revolution to have the perfect brows and the start of the release of numerous brow products in all forms. We can’t even recall the time when eyebrow pencil is all you need to make your brows look gorgeous.

Eyebrow No-no

While this is an understandable goal, some just really take the challenge to the extreme. Whole some don’t care at all about their brows, some are overdoing it. And without proper knowledge and “training” on how to do it, mistakes can easily happen. So, to make sure you’re on fleek all the time, avoid these eyebrow no-nos:

The Mistake: 90s Brows

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Sure, Britney Spears, Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore had them back in the day. But it doesn’t mean it’s the brow style you’re stuck with, especially when they make you look like you’ve got two tadpoles above your eyes.

The Solution

First, let your brows grow and stop plucking them too thinly. Use a brow conditioner twice a day to help your brows grow into a fuller size. If this doesn’t work, you may consider microblading, but make sure to do some ample research first.

The Mistake: Wrong Arch

Eyebrow No-no 7

When you’ve got the wrong arch for your face type, it can cause an unnatural look that wouldn’t seem right no matter how much you try to perfect drawing in and filling in your eye bushes.

The Solution

No matter how much hassle it brings on the first few tries, brow mapping is your best solution for this. Hold your makeup brush straight up starting from the corner of your nose and mark where your brow should start. Afterwards, hold the brush at an angle from the corner of your nose and through the center of your eye to find the right position for the arch. Finally, mark the end of the eyebrow by placing the brush from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. Join the marked point together through natural looking strokes and voila! You’ve got the perfect arched brows.

The Mistake: Too long

Eyebrow No-no 6

When you look like there’s no end to your eyebrow, your eyes will surely look droopy.

The Solution

Follow the brow mapping above to prevent overextending the eyebrows. Remember the usual point when your brows should end so you wouldn’t have to do mapping every single time.

The Mistake: Too short

Eyebrow No-no 4

While having too long brows is often your fault, having too short brows isn’t a deliberate choice for many. Some were already born with it, and most just lose the tail of the eyebrow as they get older.

The Solution

Brow mapping is still key to solve this problem, but remember to use a fiber gel that would give volume to your eyebrows without looking unnatural.

The Mistake: Fake-Looking Brows

Overdoing all the drawing and filling in, plus being heavy-handed, are the major factors for this issue. Often you end up with block eyebrows that look fake and unflattering.

Eyebrow No-no 6

The Solution

Single light strokes are the main solution for this problem. Don’t do intense eyebrow drawing with the aim of making them equally drawn in. Use heavier strokes on the ends of the eyebrows, while lighter strokes should be done on the starting point. Make sure that when you’re doing this you have a sharp eyebrow pencil.

The Mistake: Wrong color

People often make the mistake of getting warmer tones of eyebrow products than the shade of their hair. This creates a weird look when your eyebrow color doesn’t complement your hair.

The Solution:

Match the shade of the brow product you’ll use with the roots of your hair. Choose products with a cool undertone.

The Mistake: Wrong Products

Eyebrow No-no

It isn’t just the technique and application that cause your eyebrow problems. Sometimes, it’s the product that you use. Low quality products often have the wrong texture, shade or bad color pay-off, which may draw you far from your dream eyebrows.

The Solution:

Get only the best eyebrow products that you can depend on. Here are our top picks for high-end ones:

Make sure you have beautiful eyebrows that would complete your gorgeous makeup look. Because tiny as they may seem, eyebrows have a huge impact on your overall look. Avoid these common mistakes and you’ll surely be on fleek!

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