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12 Most Stylish Fashion Designer Umbrellas and 4 Umbrella Stands

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

When the day is gloomy and the clouds are looking all heavy, what do you do? You don’t sit around and wait for it to pass, you stand up and go about your day, only this time you need to have a portable fabric on hand to keep you dry from the possible downpour.

The quality of the material, its shelf life, price and size are all reasonable considerations in purchasing an umbrella to accompany your rainy days. You don’t want something that will only do the job half-baked and leave most of you dripping wet, neither would you want one that would crumble easily when exposed to strong winds. If possible, you would want to be able to fit another human under it without the other’s shoulder getting soaked. But when you can afford it, don’t you want a cover that’s similar in value and style as the other garments and accessories it has to shield?

Luckily, there are umbrellas that no doubt do the job but will stay keep you looking cool and sleek under the lousy weather. Here are 12 of our suggestions, plus extra stands to keep at home.

  1. Francesco Maglia Lord Chestnut Wood-Handle Twill Umbrella

Francesco Maglia Lord Chestnut Wood-Handle Twill Umbrella

Price: US$425.00
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Francesco Maglia knows who its customers are, and if you’re reading this, it’s highly probable that you are among them: you just want the best out of everything. This umbrella is available because Francisco Maglia thought that someone like you ought to protect your clothes and other belongings with something equally worthy. The navy twill lined with red is durable and aptly partnered with a chestnut wood handle, making it deserving of the title “Lord”.

  1. Alexander McQueen Chain-trimmed shell umbrella

Alexander McQueen Chain-trimmed shell umbrella

Price: US$825.00
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Love dressing up in punk-inspired clothing? Chances are, you have heard of and are a fan of the British luxury brand Alexander McQueen, catering to tastes similar to yours. Complete your outfit even on a rainy day with this chain-trimmed umbrella with a design inspired by medieval armor from the British label.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld K/Ikonik print umbrella

Karl Lagerfeld KIkonik print umbrella

Price: US$49.00
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Your mood doesn’t have to be complementary to the weather. Here, have an umbrella that will protect your from the downpour as well as keep you looking fun and cool, all thanks to Karl Lagerfeld. The black umbrella is adorned with the easily recognizable K/Ikonik print and is also foldable so you could fit it into your bag.

  1. Kingsman + Swaine Adeney Brigg Chestnut Wood-Handle Umbrella

Kingsman + Swaine Adeney Brigg Chestnut Wood-Handle Umbrella

Price: US$450.00
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We know that the mere mention of the title would bring to mind the iconic bar fight scene from the movie. Don’t you remember just how much you wanted to be as cool as Colin Firth when you first saw it? We hate to break it to you that while you can look the part with this stunning umbrella, it isn’t as cutting-edge as its movie version. Well, you probably won’t use this black umbrella with polished chestnut for inflicting pain, would you?

  1. Alexander McQueen Jewelled Bugs print umbrella

Alexander McQueen Jewelled Bugs print umbrella

Price: US$515.00
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Black is a safe and reliable color for almost everything, umbrellas included, so we can’t blame you if you opt for it. But why don’t we make things a little more interesting? Alexander McQueen decorates the brooding black with colorful bugs that would invite awe instead of disgust.

  1. Moschino monogram bear umbrella

Moschino monogram bear umbrella

Price: US$101.00
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The surroundings may be gloomy, but as we said earlier, you don’t have to be. And what better way to show that you feel the opposite than by using a bright, cutesy umbrella while walking down the streets? The beige will make the place instantly lighter. Also, if you have a kid, be prepared to have a little tussle over who gets to hold the handle.

  1. Burberry checked umbrella

Burberry checked umbrella

Price: US$350.00
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We see checks everywhere, but nothing matches the level of a Burberry check. Recognizable everywhere, the plaid will make everyone know how you like your umbrellas: high end, classy, and just fine looking, especially with the combination of calf leather and polyester.

  1. Ted Baker London Harmony Compact Umbrella

Ted Baker London Harmony Compact Umbrella

Price: US$69.00
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When the weather isn’t favorable and it hasn’t been for days, we completely understand the desire to see something beautiful that is not associated with the rain. Pale pink flowers with petals falling down can be one. But if you can’t see it in person just yet, it won’t hurt to settle with an umbrella that has a similar appearance and evokes the same feelings. This Ted Baker umbrella is as lightweight as the real petals, so it won’t feel heavy when holding it.

  1. Barbour Stripe Bubble Umbrella

Barbour Stripe Bubble Umbrella

Price: US$59.00
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We think it would require a bit of effort (or even more) to hide yourself with this striped umbrella, but we don’t see why you’d have to because it is quite beautiful and even retro-looking. Barbour, known for their items perfect for any weather, also has an umbrella to match. It’s fun and different in design, but there are no compromises; you don’t have to worry about making it to your destination dry.

  1. ShedRain ‘WindJammer®’ Golf Umbrella

ShedRain 'WindJammer®' Golf Umbrella

Price: US$29.99
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This is not only one good-looking umbrella, it is smart, too! And no, we’re not giving human characteristics to a non-living object. This WindJammer from ShedRain is smart because of the design that could withstand gushes of wind. You could fit in three people under it but it isn’t heavy despite the size, owing to the handle made out of lightweight fiberglass.

  1. Alexander McQueen skull handle umbrella

Alexander McQueen skull handle umbrella

Price: US$545.00
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If the previous Alexander McQueens in the list wanted to do something more with the black, in this one, the brand just lets the allure of the color flow and tempt you even better with the gold accents. It is a stylish accessory that is unabashed in showing who made it, if you know which label uses the skull as a signature.

  1. Jean Paul Gaultier face printed umbrella

Jean Paul Gaultier face printed umbrella

Price: US$419.00
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Would you take an old umbrella? Depending on the quality, of course, but if it’s a Jean Paul Gaultier, we’d gladly take it! The print is just what you’d expect to come from the last decade of the 20th century, and it makes for a quirky yet quaint accessory that can shield you from the rain.

Now imagine yourself entering your home, all dry and warm and protected, thanks to your designer umbrella that provides equal measures of protection and style. A sigh of relief escapes your mouth, but do you still have to worry where to put your umbrella? If you need a little help with choosing an umbrella stand, chill, we’ve thought ahead.

  1. Fornasetti umbrella stand

Fornasetti umbrella stand

Price: US$1,325.00
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We’re all for modern pieces but this time we’ll start with something unique and awe-inspiring, characteristics you wouldn’t usually attribute to an umbrella stand. This is just something you would expect from Fornasetti though, who was heavily influenced by Greek and Roman art. This stand features a print of busts that are distinctly Grecian, and would probably make for an interesting piece to start a conversation.

  1. Brelso Super Quality Umbrella Stand

Brelso Super Quality Umbrella Stand

Price: US$39.99
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After a tiring day at work, don’t you think you just deserve to see a home decor that’s as intricate and welcoming as this? If anything, it proves that a functional piece doesn’t always have to be boring, it can also be elegant if you allow yourself to get this. This one comes with a drip tray that’s easy to remove so you can clean up drips from you and your guests’ umbrellas.

  1. SONGMICS Umbrella Stand Rack

SONGMICS Umbrella Stand Rack

Price: US$35.99
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It may look thin but there’s no reason to doubt the quality of this metal stand. Reviews have shown that this can hold up to three umbrellas without falling down. It comes with a drip tray you can detach as well as a breathable design so your umbrellas can dry easily. The things you can put here aren’t limited to umbrellas, though. SONGMICS advertises it as a suitable stand for many upright items such as canes, walking sticks, and even wrapping paper.

  1. Domett Umbrella Holder

Domett Umbrella Holder

Price: US$43.99
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Decorate the entrance of your home with a stylish and modern piece from Domett, which is striking regardless of whether it’s filled with umbrellas or empty. It can fit six regularly sized umbrellas and comes with metal hooks so you could easily stash your items. The metal is high quality and rust proof, plus it provides good ventilation so your umbrellas will dry in no time.

The next time it rains, you would not have to worry anymore about getting the right umbrella and a stand to match. The appearance may vary but everything in this list gives you quality, durability, and beauty that cannot be seen in your ordinary collection of items for rain protection. Plus, even if the skies aren’t too agreeable, there’s something in this list that will brighten up your mood for the reliable and impressive construction.

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