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Top 21 Most Elegant Designer Jeans Skirts

Designer Jeans Skirts

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

We’re seeing a comeback of the denim skirt quickly coming into motion and we can’t blame everyone for wanting those ’90s throwback looks, especially after months of having trapped legs in multiple layers of long pants. Some people have already experienced the beginning of spring as early as March but unfortunately, there are still a lot of places getting snow this time of year.

Wherever you are, this selection of denim skirts should send you on the right track or at least get you excited for your spring and summer wardrobe.

  1. MONSE Asymmetric denim midi skirt

MONSE Asymmetric denim midi skirt 

Price: US$690.00
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One of the most popular types of denim skirts are usually also minis but this time, trends seem to expand literally and figuratively with knee-length and midi skirts coming around and hitting fashion shows and regular street styles. This asymmetric denim skirt sets an example but doesn’t go too far with a still fitted upper part.

  1. UNRAVEL PROJECT Frayed denim maxi skirt

UNRAVEL PROJECT Frayed denim maxi skirt 

Price: US$530.00
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This denim maxi skirt goes way back to the early history of denim skirts in the ’60s when jeans were repurposed as skirts by cutting open the inseams and sewing random triangular fabrics where the edges should join together to form a skirt. Unravel Project keeps it to the original though with raw, distressed edges in the front and back.

  1. REJINA PYO Bonnie belted denim midi skirt

REJINA PYO Bonnie belted denim midi skirt 

Price: US$490.00
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The Bonnie midi skirt re-introduces a lot of elements that we haven’t seen designed like this before. A diagonal ruche creates pleats on only one side of the skirt as the other is kept flowing smoothly down and the entire silhouette creates the classic A-line. This skirt comes with a matching belt and exposed silver zip in front.

  1. UNRAVEL PROJECT asymmetric denim midi skirt

UNRAVEL PROJECT asymmetric denim midi skirt 

Price: US$429.00
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Unravel Project likes to take us all out of our comfort zones. Common asymmetric hems still abide by fashion rules and most have the same neat and clean-cut quality of perfectly-aligned ones but this skirt is also largely about creativity. One side mimics the appearance of skirts while the other of jeans, and simultaneously, one is inside out while the other is the proper way. Make of it what you will but the printed quote on the reversed pocket speaks a clear advice about being a creative person in fashion or just in general.

  1. JUNYA WATANABE Denim midi skirt

JUNYA WATANABE Denim midi skirt 

Price: US$600.00
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Dressing up is sometimes about making something look good on you no matter what it takes. This Junya Watanabe skirt exhibits that unfazed and easy-going look with the deconstructed detail on the top. It looks folded and bunched up and can be worn unfastened if you’re willing to go the extra mile. Either way, it’s going to transform your whole vibe.

  1. R13 Harrow distressed denim maxi skirt

R13 Harrow distressed denim maxi skirt 

Price: US$565.00
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The Harrow skirt also cops the look of opened up jeans from the back. That’s because this piece was really made out of jeans but in front, it goes all-out on the skirt look but just with a lot of distressing and fringed edges, which isn’t too shabby for something that’s trying to achieve the do-it-yourself look.

  1. ADAM LIPPES Corded denim midi skirt

ADAM LIPPES Corded denim midi skirt 

Price: US$790.00
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This Adam Lippes denim skirt takes a modern approach in the midi length, pinstriped effects, and high open slit. Its light wash is perfect for lazy days when you need that extra boost of a bright color to lift your spirits up.



Price: US$210.00
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The Therese skirt from A.P.C. Atelier de Production is a nod to the olden styles of the denim skirt with its front button fastening. It’s made of light-wash Japanese denim so it’s all set on the construction. The styling is all you but a quick tip would be to pair it with a bright top.

  1. JUNYA WATANABE Paneled denim and wool-twill midi skirt

JUNYA WATANABE Paneled denim and wool-twill midi skirt 

Price: US$1,075.00
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We’re noticing a pattern with Junya Watanabe’s denim skirts. The Japanese designer infuse the pieces with his home country’s eccentric style. This skirt transforms the classic dark-wash denim to have a punk character with the deconstruction and addition of other lighter and flowy fabrics.

  1. GOLDSIGN The Button Front denim midi skirt

GOLDSIGN The Button Front denim midi skirt 

Price: US$295.00
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Goldsign‘s denim skirt is just an extended version of the knee-length The Button Front skirt as this also incorporates the throwback style of front buttons but it falls lower to a midi-length. The last button is positioned higher to create a slit in front that allows more freedom of movement.

  1. REDVALENTINO Tiered denim midi skirt

REDVALENTINO Tiered denim midi skirt 

Price: US$650.00
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Coachella‘s first weekend may be over but festival season is just starting. We’re all over this flirty denim skirt that lends its youthfulness through its pleated and ruched design. Pair it with a bohemian top and espadrille shoes to achieve the outfit game of Coachella-goers.

  1. NANUSHKA Tuli belted denim midi skirt

NANUSHKA Tuli belted denim midi skirt 

Price: US$340.00
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Nanushka‘s Tuli skirt is a tad different than most mainly because of its cream color instead of the traditional blue. It also comes with a belt that falls from the circle tonal buckle. Overall, it exudes sleekness, which makes it wearable in the office without sacrificing your girlboss aesthetic.



Price: US$507.00
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Marcelo Burlon County of Milan‘s sporty aesthetic gives this skirt a more mobile design with the unconventional slit that features frayed edges down the middle. It mimics the style of jeans with its five-pocket design, belt loops, and stonewashed effect, but keeps it fresh with the zipper running down the upper of the front.

  1. DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Asymmetric paneled crepe, satin and voile skirt

DIANE VON FURSTENBERG Asymmetric paneled crepe, satin and voile skirt 

Price: US$500.00
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This Diane von Furstenberg skirt falls with an A-line flow from the panel of thick waist and furthers the design with its asymmetric hem. The structure is not lost with the white trim as the soft waves are contrasted by the odd mix of fabrics like voile, satin, and crepe and the edgy dark blue color.

  1. VANESSA SEWARD Faith denim midi skirt

VANESSA SEWARD Faith denim midi skirt 

Price: US$310.00
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Vanessa Seward‘s Faith skirt is more about adhering to the classic design than incorporating exaggerated trendy styles. This is exactly the kind of denim skirt fashion people tell you to have in your wardrobe as a basic. You can use this as a uniform bottom with the comfortable A-line silhouette and vent expander at the back.

  1. OSCAR DE LA RENTA splattered denim midi skirt

OSCAR DE LA RENTA splattered denim midi skirt 

Price: US$2,490.00
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Expect people to flaunt their painter jumpsuits and overalls this season. Not only are they majorly on-trend, every tropical-themed Instagram brand offers them. Channel that artist-inspired outfit with Oscar de la Renta‘s unexpected splattered skirt instead. The midi length still gives you plenty of room to move with the uneven slits in the front and back.

  1. OFF-WHITE Asymmetric ruffled denim skirt

OFF-WHITE Asymmetric ruffled denim skirt

Price: US$725.00
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Off-White never ceases to infuse their sporty character into every piece. This skirt has a wrap-around effect, frayed edges, slight ruffles, and accented zip fastening. The pure black color adds to the grunginess but pair it with feminine complements to balance it out.

  1. MM6 MAISON MARGIELA panelled denim midi skirt

MM6 MAISON MARGIELA panelled denim midi skirt

Price: US$470.00
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This wrap-around denim skirt naturally creates a slit as panels of stitching and an attached belt keeps the design more modern and interesting. Tie the long ends of the belt on whatever side of your waist depending on what you pair with this on top.

  1. SACAI Lace-up frayed denim skirt

SACAI Lace-up frayed denim skirt

Price: US$535.00
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This Sacai skirt borrows another trendy design, the lace-up, to detail this knee-length skirt. It’s accompanied by a large flap pocket on the other side, pleat-effect vent, and frayed edges. This dark wash is best matched with masculine tops to make the girly accents pop.

  1. ÉTUDES Personnage skirt

ÉTUDES Personnage skirt

Price: US$631.00
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Études‘ Personnage skirt exudes a mysterious aura especially when worn together with the matching Celest jacket. The solid black color establishes the vibe you’re going for immediately but the structure of the straight maxi skirt silhouette is shown through white trims throughout as the front slit gives a hint of your legs and shoes inside.

  1. AMAPÔ denim midi skirt

AMAPÔ denim midi skirt

Price: US$207.00
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This blue Amapô midi skirt differentiates itself through the acidwash that immediately sets it apart. That detail adds a twist to the traditional construction of the high waist, distressing, and front slit but this would be the perfect contemporary piece for the 2010s version of the denim skirt trend.

Some clothes go from trendy to classic while others go the other way around. For denim skirts, it’s the latter one this time. We’ve long established they’re basic necessities for a girl’s closet but these skirts demonstrate how it can also be a lot trendier especially for this season. We’re not exaggerating when we say this is as much a necessity as pants in the winter. You probably have 5 pairs of jeans, so one of these skirts is a no-brainer when building your spring and summer wardrobe.

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