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Have you had your days wherein you feel extra feminine and you want to let out your inner lady spirit? Or are you the type of woman that is a natural lady-like outfitter? In every woman’s wardrobe, whether you have the feminine, elegant, street or basic style, you definitely need some fashion pieces that would make every man and woman out there find you lovely. As a woman, there is this part of us wherein there is an extreme need to flaunt the world some girl power. Gone are the days that feminine manifests weakness. In this modern era, feminine is the new boss, feminine is the new sexy and feminine is the new edge. This is what Zimmermann always believes in. In the plot of fashion we have currently, feminine is sexy and sexy is greatness.

If you are the type of woman who is into ruffles, florals and lace, it is impossible that you do not know about an Australian luxury brand Zimmerman. This prestigious brand is all about plush very ladylike fashion pieces. Who could ever resist Zimmermann’s flowy, ruffled, and lacy clothes that bring out every inner girl’s bosom? Every woman will definitely go gaga with the boost of femininity that their clothing, footwear, accessories and other beauty items naturally possess. When it comes to sheers, silks and romantic women’s clothing, Zimmerman is one of the royalties internationally.

Whether you are a Zimmermann fanatic or you just have recent fascination to their pretty creations, knowing more of where and when this brand started in the fashion industry is enthralling. Furthermore, we will dig in a little with the whereabouts of Zimmermann’s growth in the global market.

The Birth of Zimmermann

In 1991, Sydney Australia is the place where it all started for Zimmermann. Nicky Zimmermann, a local in Sydney Australia has a deep passion in designing and making garments. She studied fashion design in Sydney and then pursued a small business of selling garments of her own design and creation. She started making these garments in her own parents’ garage. Nicky Zimmermann was very determined in succeeding and her hard work paid off when she started making clothes for Paddington. There she established her own brand and the market responded beyond well to her designs. Many women acknowledgde her brand immediately. Ever since the beginning, Nicky Zimmermann stuck to her personally favorite style which is feminism. Later that year, Nicky Zimmermann’s sister, Simone Zimmermann, joined force with her and all-together they started a fashion house that made women all over the globe drool over. From a small garage in Sydney Australia, Zimmermann is now all over the globe with retail stores in the fashion capitals across countries including USA. They showcase their world-class entries every single year in New York Fashion Week.

Zimmermann’s Milestones

Ever since it was established, Zimmermann slowly but surely gained its reputation in designing and tailoring garments. Over the years, this brand earned its spot in the fashion scene. In the year 2008, Zimmermann launched its website Zimmermannwear.com. Through their website, they reached the global market. Many recognized the keen detailing and designing of Zimmermann’s pieces. They always make sure that each of their produce possesses the dainty Zimmermann signature without sacrificing quality and durability.  Due to their apparent success, they launched their brand in the USA in the year 2011 which, since then, became a huge hit. Many big personalities, TV stars, influential individuals and popular women of style recognized the skilfulness of the people behind Zimmermann. Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Gigi and Bella Hagid, Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Margot Robbie are only some of Zimmermann’s fans.

Through time, Zimmermann becomes bigger and better in the fashion world. They consistently receive recognition from international fashion organizations and associations. In the year 2014, they received the Australian Fashion Laureate Award. In the same year, they are also honored to be awarded the Prix de Marie Claire Best Swimwear Designer. As of today, Zimmermann is all over the world with 27 and counting retail stores spread over the seven continents. They also have showrooms in London, France, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney. Right now, they offer the global market with made to order pieces, ready-to-wear clothing, swimwear, shoes, bags, jewelleries and other accessories for women.

Each and every Zimmermann items possess a charm that no woman could ever resist. Women of today already embrace unconventional styling. Women of today believe that fashion is all about expressing different personalities. In this contemporary fashion era full of street styles, all of our wardrobes deserve a splash of glamour and sophistication. Gladly for you, there is Zimmermann that we could all run to. Looking fabulously lovely is very easy with each of their work. Each of their work is oozing with feminism that men and women alike will absolutely adore. With just a glance, you will surely fall in love with their luring style. Go bring your dreams to reality and fill out your wardrobe with Zimmermann’s dreamy masterpieces.


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