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On this day and age, who wouldn’t recognize Kanye West, right? For starters, the hip-hop mogul is married to one of the most famous and definitely the most controversial celebrity of modern times. As if that’s not enough fame, the rapper is also known for speaking his mind freely, not only through his songs but through different media, with a highlight on social media.

But one of the major successes of Kanye was his partnership with Adidas in creating the Yeezy line. With the high reception the line got from consumers, it eventually became its own brand, with Kanye earning the title, “Yeezus.”

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How it all began

Adidas Yeezy

It’s quite difficult to pinpoint when the actual brand started, but since the Yeezy name is connected to the designing career of Kanye, it may be traced back to his first ever sneaker collaboration: with A Bathing Ape. The Dropout Bear Bapesta was the result of the collaboration, which was released in limited edition.

The next few years had been composed of more Kanye collaborations, includig the Kanye West x Louis Vuitton in 2009, which resulted to sleek sneakers that included Mr. Hudson, Jasper and Don. The next huge brand Kanye collaborated with was the one with the iconic swoosh: Nike. Yeezy’s were seen with the check mark of the brand, some of which established the signature style of the rapper and brand.

The last and the most prolific collaboration of Kanye with a brand was with Adidas, wherein the most number of designs were already released. This partnership had given some of the most famous trends in the modern sneaker history, establishing Yeezy as a true contender in the shoe game.

Iconic Yeezys

Nike x Yeezy Collaboration. Yeezy 2 by Kanye West
Nike x Yeezy Collaboration. Yeezy 2 by Kanye West

With Kanye’s full effort in the design collaboration for the Yeezy pairs, it wasn’t a surprise that all of them are truly remarkable in looks and quality. Injecting his very own sense of style, Kanye has created a lot of hype and excitement around the releases of shoes from the brand. There are just too many models and colorways to be mentioned, with the addition of the rapper’s collaboration with Louis Vuitton and Gieuseppe Zanoti. Hence, we’ll just name a few of the brand’s best pairs ever released int he history of Yeezy.

The first ever Kanye West designed low-top sneakers in 2015 is definitely a remarkable pair: the Yeezy Boost 350. It is the pair that set the standards and tone of Kanye’s signature dusty palette. Another iconic pair by Yeezy was the primary pair that was released after the agrremenet between Kanye and Adidas—the Yeezy Boost 750. These shoes are definitely remarkable and recognizable even from afar, with its cool design with an amazing feature of a glow in the dark sole.

The Air Yeezy 2 in black, while borrowing its colorway from the original Air Yeezy, has become a more iconic model for the brand. How? It cemented the quintessential color combo known to denote Yeezy. Likewise, the more visible snakeskin upper exudes luxury that highlights the refined taste of Kanye.

Yeezy apparel

Yeezy Women's Fashion
Source: Vogue Australia

While the sneakers are a huge success, Kanye felt the need to extend his design abilities on fashion. The release of an apparel line for Yeezy fully made Kanye a fashion icon and designer, continually attracting people to patronize the brand and its pieces.

The cult brand came out with pants, bags, hoodies, shoes and accessories for men and women, which all became a big success for the brand. It was the marketing power of Kanye, Kim K, the Kardashian-Jenner clan and their circle of friends and chain of followers that mainly pushed for the apparel, yet its constant high selling rate speaks for the quality and design of the pieces as well.

The future of Yeezy

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 black sneakers
Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 black sneakers

Kanye’s continued prominence in Hollywood and the music industry is a great aspect of marketing for the brand and its pieces. However, it doesn’t end there—the label continues to exude excellence in the design, manufacture and packaging of their pairs, ensuring thag it isn’t only the name of Kanye that sells the shoes, but the shoes themselves.

In the recent tweet of Kanye, he has revealed that 2019 release of Yeezys would include basketball shoes. Simply captioning a picture of design sketches with “adding basketball,” and wearing an early produced pair of the basketball shoes, the rapper has set the whole sneaker world on a frenzy, full of excitement for 2019.

This shift in the focus of the brand from lifestyle pairs to performance shoes, Yeezy is sure headed for a promising future of endorsements, partnerships, and skyrocketing sales.

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