Jewelleries are like vitamins to fashion, they are not essential but vital most especially to women. As what most fashion experts say, jewelleries speak louder than words. No other women’s possession can compete to the exhilaration that fine jewelleries bring. Trust me, styling yourself with accessories that you can mix and match day by day will give you the ecstatic feeling. Thus we arrive in the conclusion that a strong and versatile wardrobe needs to contain fine, lovely and all-round set of accessories. Jewelleries, in this case, definitely makes a woman’s wardrobe complete. If you do not have enough accessories, you will get the feeling of deficiency in making yourself presentable in your day to day endeavours. Owning and wearing attractive and polished jewelleries is not just a privilege but is a power.  Jewellery is more than just any other fashion item. Jewelleries are very personal and it tells a story about the person wearing it.

Simple, fine and elegant – These are just a few words to describe the signature style of Wwake’s masterpieces. Wwake’s is one of the rising jewellery brands in this era. Featuring their very pristine, polished and composed designs, no one could deny the fact that their are just so irresistible. Their style in making jewelleries is very simple yet so very appealing. It is safe to say that their designs would appeal to both men and women. Women will love Wwake’s pieces simply because each of them possesses the quality of elegance in simplicity. Men will adore them basically because they will make their women feel more than loved. Showcasing expertise in creating edge in cuts, shapes and colors, there is no other that could outtake Wwake.

Who is the Woman behind Wwake?

Seeing the designs of Wwake, who couldn’t wonder who the person is behind such work of art? Each and every Wwake’s jewelleries are personally designed and handmade by an amazing woman, Wing Yau. Wing Yau was born and raised in Vancouver Canada. Her mother and father are both Chinese and even though she grew up in a foreign country, she was still raised with traditional Chinese norms and culture. With sufficient immersion with the Chinese cultivation, her appreciation of Asian arts flourished. She also spent a few years in Peru and Papua New Guinea which widened her vision of artistry. Growing up, she always loved all forms of art. She was also into performing arts during her teenage years. She always had that sincere passion in expressing art.She then pursued sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design. After graduating from college, she wasn’t really all into making jewelleries. Being a major in sculpture, she encountered many bumps in pursuing a career in-line with sculpting. In an interview, she explained that Wwake started just as an experiment. She did not intend to establish a jewellery line until she started making something wearable out of the materials she have at home. Out of the blue, she created jewelleries and she captured the attention of those who have seen her work. She started to sell the jewelleries she was making and without intention, she was already establishing a solid jewellery brand.

Wwake was born in 2012 and it all started in New York. Its founder Wing Yau moved to New York and there she succeeded in creating a jewellery brand that offers classy jewelleries with contemporary charm. With just a short span of time, Wwake already gained the respect of the industry. Wing Yau is very hands-on in designing and making her brand’s jewelleries. Wwake jewelleries have that delicate and feminine but very expressive aura. Aside from their extremely amazing talent and skills in making beautiful accessories, they also use recycled materials in producing their products. Wwake is just all about simplicity from the designing phase up to the actual making each of their pieces.

Closer by Wwake

Wing Yau started Wwake with the image of simplicity. But to cater a wider market, Wing Yau let out her inner boldness with a new line called “Closer by Wwake”. Closer by Wwake’s is a collection of boldly styled jewelleries. This collection is inspired by the unconventional side of the cultures that Wing Yau was exposed to. Because of her background, she was inspired to create a collection of jewelleries that is out of the box. All jewelleries in the “Closer by Wwake” line are uniquely shaped and are designed artistically. With the launce of Closer by Wwake, Wwake became more respected in the international fashion scene.

For over 5 years now, Wwake is starting very strong in its industry. Wwake’s success resonated through Wing Yau’s series of awards and recognition. From time to time, she receives prestigious awards which includes 2014’s Racked Young Guns Award. She was also included in the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Arts & Style category. She was also a finalist in the CFDA X Lexus Fashion Initiative. Needless to say, Wwake is not just like any other jewellery brand. It already has a respectable spot in arts and style pedestal.

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