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Fashion is all about expression. Channelling our character through fashion is not only pleasurable but is also very rewarding. In today’s fashion scene, there is no standard as to what is fashionable and what is not. Contemporarily, being fashionable is identified with comfort and confidence. Once you are comfortable and confident with your style, you are fashionable. As long as you can see yourself in what you are wearing, you are always in style.

The minimalistic style is currently very trendy. A clean and polished look is already creating hype in the modern fashion scene. Now, minimalism is already considered sophisticated. As what fashion experts describe the minimalistic style – minimalism is a subtle strength in simplicity. Simple but not blank. Clean but not boring. That’s minimalism.

One fashion house that is very popular with their very clean, well tailored, super polished but very appealing casual-luxury style is Vince. Vince is a lifestyle clothing brand that successfully made simple appears sufficient. Their high end techniques and top-of-the line fabrications came up with a diversity of fashion items that are effortlessly stylish. Inspired by the urban lifestyle, this global luxury brand’s product assortment gained the attention and the respect of the international fashion market. Its market includes those who are after fashionable items that possess the modern polished aura. Their contemporary laid-back style captivated the hearts of the many especially for men and women who finds beauty in simplicity.

Vince’s Background

In 2002, Vince was established by two amazing fashion designers and entrepreneurs, Christopher LaPolice and Rea Laccone in New York. Vince collectively attracted avid fans and supporters of their basic luxury concept. As years went by, the founders of Vince sold the brand to Kellwood Company and it became a public corporation. Their original signature concept was still maintained to cater the taste of their existing market. Their current chief executive, Jill Granoff, is always pleasured with their brand market’s warm response to their creations. It is their company’s objective to consistently satisfy their followers with product assortment that possess the irresistible charm of a Vince item plus the quality that does not disappoint.

As of now, Vince is one of the aspiring fashion labels in which growth is very stable. 9.5 million dollars worth of orders were gained just with their very first collection. This brand has been distributed in almost all luxury department stores all over United States. Their success sky rocketed when their company turned public. Believe it or not, Vince was valued $726 million company before the New York Stock Exchange launched a very promising IPO for the brand. And take note, that data is extracted years ago. Right now, Vince is considered a billion dollar fashion brand. It already has over 2000 distributors for over 40 countries across the globe.

Vince’s Style

As mentioned a few times above, this label has a style that is distinct and that is apparent. Vince’s items have a common denominator which is casual but ambitious. Each of their items is very wearable everyday but they are definitely not in the ordinary category. Utilizing the most advanced and most guaranteed fabrication, Vince is able to produce products with basic style but with have the modern sophistication. Men and women would want to wear their products every single day because this very established label was able to turn casual and comfort to high-end.

From basic cotton tees to cashmere coats, each piece deserves following. In fact, many huge celebrities confess their fondness of Vince’s work. Vince was able to achieve exquisite contemporary designs that do not compromise comfort and durability. Vince is indeed a staple concept that suits any type of personalities. Whether you are really an advocate for minimalism, or you are in search for basic pieces that would upgrade your wardrobe, checking out this deluxe brand will give you no regrets. On top of their exquisitely unequivocal style, their pieces are also justly priced. Every penny you spend will never go to waste.

Vince is one of those brands that all of us could easily relate to. This brand always believes that despite our different preferential in fashion, all of us need a little variety of minimalism in our closets. There will always be days wherein dressing up is a bit formidable. Finding the perfect outfit for a day out or an occasion can sometimes tend to be effortful. With Vince’s items, everything is as is. You can go out without looking too plain and casual. This is because all clothing they make possess a pint of charm and soft charisma. With their clothing, you can easily look in style without spending too much time and effort to mix and match your clothes. No need for unnecessary accessorizing, Vince’s pieces alone will sufficiently do. Each piece of clothing will blow you away. It is indeed true what they say that a person in its simplest form is the real beautiful.


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