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The story behind every designer brand is worth telling. Throughout the years we have heard about a lot of great designers, the journey they took from their humble beginnings to their success is truly an inspiration for everyone. Their stories are both inspiring and encouraging, especially for people who dreams to become big one day.

If there’s one story to share that is exceptionally beautiful it would be The Elder Statesman. A luxury clothing line based in Los Angeles, The Elder Statesman success started when its founder Greg Chait fell in love with a cashmere blanket of a friend. He wanted one for himself that when he could not find one, he decided to create some of his own. It was that simple but the impact it has made to the fashion industry and its clientele is remarkable.

Early years

Greg Chait of The Elder Statesman
Greg Chait of The Elder Statesman

The Elder Statesman was established by Greg Chait in 2007. His clothing line was known for its cool California twist vibe. He started making cashmere blankets and his sample products was sold by Maxfield boutique in Los Angeles until the demand for them grew. By the year 2011, the label was carried by famous retail stores like Barneys New York and Colette. Famed for their knitwear inspired by beach culture, people have come to love the brand’s casual pieces. Since then, The Elder Statesman became known world wide and has opened an online store and its very first store in Los Angeles in 2014.

All about the Elder Statesman

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The idea for the Elder Statesman came very far back during the 1800’s. A British Parliament named William Pitt known as the Elder Statesman inspired Greg Chait for his label. A man who stood his ground and who has distinguished himself by his intellect, passion and wits not by his affluence, social status or connections. He was strong man who never fears of speaking the truth and lived through his principles. This is where Greg Chait took the name, he believes that The Elder Statesman is not famed for his power and influence but loved for his unique qualities thus creating a good name. Symbolically, the label The Elder Statesman would be known for its quality, creativity, craftsmanship and authenticity.

Fashion spotlight: Greg Chait

The Elder Statesman Boutique Opens in L.A.
The Elder Statesman Boutique Opens in L.A.

Since the company’s foundation, the brilliance of Greg Chait has been the very soul of the brand. His great appreciation for the artisan discipline brought him to where he is today. His dedication to quality and his masterful skills defined his label. But before the Elder Statesman, Chait’s first job was in the music industry interning for Whitney Houston, then he came to help launched a denim company called Ksubi. He was a partner for the company until he left and to start his own company and be his own boss.

Greg Chaits’s journey in the fashion industry may not have been a smooth ride but his effort and pure genius was duly recognized. He won himself a prestigious award and his hard work was paid off. In 2012, Greg Chait became the surprise winner for CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award and was featured in the Wall Street Journal. When asked about his prize money he said that he’ll use it to buy a ton of cashmere, he wanted to create new different things. His innovative mind made his products globally competitive.

Finest quality from foundation until today

If asked about the quality, The Elder Statesman only uses the finest cashmere for his brand and it has become the line’s signature mark. Every piece in the brand’s collection exudes authenticity and exceptional quality. The Elder Statesman has showed its impeccable expertise to craftsmanship from his custom made blankets to expanding to a wide range of products for men, women and children’s clothes and accessories.

While the brand’s success may be fondly thought of by the founder as a happy accident, the unquestionable talent, masterful skills and drive that goes to the high-end products definitely brought the brand a long way. To this day, The Elder Statesman’s artisanal cashmere products have been everybody’s beloved pieces in their wardrobe. Truly, the Elder Statesman deserves all the praises it gets.

The Elder Statesman's First Retail Store Opens in L.A.
The Elder Statesman’s First Retail Store Opens in L.A.

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