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Every woman since the earliest of times has been accustomed to wearing luxurious and stylish gowns and dresses. The love for richness in colors and fabrics may seem overly dramatic but it is in women’s nature to be fashion conscious. Today, a lot of established fashion houses cater to these needs but one thing is for sure, when it comes to sophisticated and high-end haute couture gowns and ready to wear dresses, Temperley London will surely ring a bell.

Founded by British designer Alice Temperley in 2000, the fashion house since then has created a big name for itself in British fashion. The label highlights style and elegance in every pieces they made. This allowed women to showcase their femininity, confidence, beauty and finery. The label is famed for its delicate hand-finishes and rich fabrics which are presented in their ready to wear collections, from day-wear to evening wear. Temperley London’s unique style and techniques continues to innovate and is shown in all of their luxurious pieces.

Temperley London has been loved by many for its romantic silhouettes, classic cuts and lengths and elegant taste. Their commitment to creating iconic pieces is truly remarkable and timeless. Who would not want to wear Temperley London? No one. The label is recognized for its exceptional creativity and style, using only the finest materials for every product they make. A-listers, celebrities, and even Royalties wore them, it includes the likes of Kate Hudson, Penélope Cruz, Thandie Newton, Portia Freeman, Halle Berry, and The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa Middleton, this is a genuine proof that Temperley London is a label to be trusted.

Temperley London, a bride’s favorite

Temperley London Bridal Collections

Every bride desires to look extremely beautiful in their wedding dresses. They want to wear something that would speak for itself. The label has made this possible when it launched its Temperley Bridal line in 2006. The line showcased bridal gowns and dresses embodying elegance, sexy silhouttes and intricate detailings. The Temperley Bridal collection is inspired by modern bohemianism that gives a fun and everlasting appeal. Each signature pieces is crafted from the finest laces, tulles, silks and is fashioned with sopihisticated hand embroidery. The design is timeless, ethereal and romantic. For sure, every woman would want to be a Temperley bride.

Temperley London Bridal Fall 2017
Temperley London Bridal Fall 2017.

Somerset and Alice

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Somerset by Alice Temperley was a genius collaboration with British retailer John Lewis. The line was launched in 2012 which presented gorgeous women’s fashion collections. The Somerset line carried the label’s signature handmade embellishments, intricate detailings, prints and delicate embroideries. The wearability and versatility of each pieces in the collection is extraordinary that the line became the fastest selling collection. Somerset pieces exhibit the designer’s carefree bohemian yet very feminine style.

Alice by Temperley was launched in 2010 to cater to younger clients and offer a more affordable and casual pieces to the market. The line was carried by major enterprises like Selfridges and Harrods in London, Harvey Nichols, and Neiman Marcus in New York. Since then, the line has been focused of meeting the demands of its growing clientele base. Alice by Temperley introduces the brilliant designer’s personal style incorporating her genius tailoring.The collection essentially is made to be an everyday wear. Every signature pieces exhibits impeccable tailoring, sophisticated cuts, modern style at really great prices. Each outfit is designed to give an effortless appearance that would look great and flattering to a woman’s body.

For over 18 years in the business, Temperley London has come a very long way. The brand’s attention to details and their commitment to their craft has made them one of the best. Women around the world wore Temperley’s creations. Their success internationally is unstoppable. Through their perseverance, hardwork and dedication Temperley London has engraved its name to the walls of the fashion world.

Designer Alice Temperley - the woman behind the brand
Designer Alice Temperley – the woman behind the brand. Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency

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