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Fashion is a huge field composed of various sub-fields and elements. Often, people who work in RTW, for instance, can switch lanes and try jewelry design. So yes, fashion is indeed a wide field, but all its elements are interconnected. Hence, when former model, then fashion stylist, then eventually fashion editor, Tabitha Simmons, tried out a new fashion career by starting her own eponymous shoe brand, it wasn’t shocking at all. Rather, it was a wonderful news that the former model’s friends supported, as they knew the sophisticated style when it comes to shoes.

All about Tabitha Simmons

Designer Tabitha Simmons
Designer Tabitha Simmons

Tabitha Simmons hailed from England and got her degree from Kingston University. After graduating with flying colors, she went on to pursue a modelling career. Her interest then shifted into fashion styling, as it was more in line with her background in design and gave her opportunity to incorporate her own personal fashion taste as well. She then continued treading her fashion career by moving to editorial, becoming one of American Vogue’s sittings editor.

Tabitha then took a leap from that editorial position into trying out retail, and while doing so, created her own brand while maintaining her position in the fashion magazine. The Tabitha Simmons then became a known brand, captivating the world with its confident, gorgeous and “wearable glamour” pairs of shoes.

The founder herself owns at least 500 pairs of shoes, a testament to her love for the fashion item. But aside from her huge shoe collection, she is a professional business woman through and through. He strategic decision for her brand cultivated it and let it grown into an international label, even charming exclusive global stores into stocking up of its products. From Paris’ Colette to New York’s Bergdorf Goodman, Tabitha Simmons’ sales perform impressively.

The owner of the label has been acclaimed for her fashion initiatives and business strategies by official awarding bodies, too. The CFDA nominated her as one of Accessories Designer of the Year before, and she also have won the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design in 2012. Aside from that, she also earned a mentorship from the president of Bergdorf Goodman, Josh Schulman, by bagging a runner-up place in the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Initiative. But out of all these things, what Tabitha is most grateful for is the “luck” that her brand got in the years of its existence, pushing it further up into success like she never expected.

The eponymous shoe brand

Tabitha Simmons Shoes

The debut collection of the brand that was released in 2009 immediately earned the brand its “Launch of the Year” award. From then on, Tabitha playfully named the brand’s collections after her friends—which led them to wear the pairs. Later on, as a pleasant surprise for the brand’s owner, even those she just hoped would wear her brand’s shoes ended up wearing them. And that set off a while series of success for the shoe label.

Through the years, the impeccable footwear of the brand has earned admiration from many people—the only downside was their hefty prices. The brand answered this issue by bringing the prices down after being labeled one of the most expensive shoe brands in the world. The label’s collection evolved into a line that can well compete with other luxury brands, even reaching 120 styles, from just 30 during its launch.

What people love about the brand

Tabitha Simmons Shoes 2

What keeps customers coming back for more is the brand’s style—the fetching, gorgeous and classy pairs are just too irresistible to say no to. Some of the best-sellers of the brand include the Nash bootie, Leticia sandal and Reed heel, which fans adore showcasing because of their designer label mark. A total marketing boost for the brand are the founder’s A-list model friends like Lily Aldridge, Miranda Kerr and Karen Elson, all wearing the label’s shoes like unofficial brand ambassadors.

Indeed, Tabitha Simmon’s shoes are a few of those that make you stop and stare. Their beauty has gone beyond just the luxury category and the famous brand owner—their style and silhouette have become the label’s main selling points. The fashion community continues to await new releases from the label; and even as fans and shoe collectors wait, core pairs such as the Bailey Sandla, Hermione Mary Jane and Early flat boot are enough to satisfy the market’s love for anything stylish and sophisticated.

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