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A combination of classics and modern is the new “in” in today’s fashion era. Nowadays, there are so many designers with so many diverse styles and ideas of fashion. But haven’t you noticed that those succeeding always have the perfect formula of keen tailoring, innovative designing and, of course, respect for the surroundings? One of the luxury fashion labels that firmly agree to this is Stella McCartney.

Stella McCartney Boutique in Las Vegas Strip
Stella McCartney Boutique in Las Vegas Strip

Stella McCartney is a high fashion brand that is, needless to say, very popular in the global design system. When it comes to tailoring and establishing a niche in proportions, they are considered the best of the bests. Their signature style is classic contemporary. It means that their sole inspiration is the classics but they took it to a whole new level of contemporary. Many people adore their very diverse pool of products that caters to the taste of women of different ages. Embodying the modern, quirky and feminine characteristics of a woman, the brand successfully captured the fashion industry’s attention. Many of its devotees agree as to how amazing the world of Stella bulls-eyed the modern demand of women for clothing which included versatility, modish and satisfactory in aesthetics.  Aside from their irresistible style and superior quality outputs, the fashion house also is famous because of its aggressiveness in pushing an ethical manner of manufacturing plus its support in environmental sustainability. This high profile brand ascertains that they delivery high end products without having to defy the respect that our community and our nature deserve.

All About Stella: The Founder of the Brand

Stella McCartney is a 46 years old English fashion designer and a daughter of the Beatles member Paul McCartney. Having high profile ascendants, she grew up with a great fascination on films, art and also animals. Ever since she was young, she is very active on animal rights movement which was also cultivated through her mom’s upbringing who is a hard-core animal rights activist. Since then, she is very solid to herself that no matter what she will be doing in the future, she will always push the non-violation of the rights and the welfare of animals. Aside from being an animal lover, Stella McCartney is also a well travelled woman. Ever since her younger years, she has been travelling across countries together with her parents. She has seen different cultures and different perspectives of various nationalities. She struggled to live a normal life because of her family’s fame. But she still tried despite those bumps and went to school like any other normal child. Her love for art was very hereditary. She was born with art in her blood. But her interest in fashion was something that, she herself, discovered.

At the age of 13, she was very eager to design her very own piece, a jacket. At the age of 16, she was very determined to land an internship for Christian Lacroix. After a short span of time, her dreams became a reality when she worked for a Savile Row tailor, Edward Sexton. It was in her experience with this respected tailor that she gained all the techniques in tailoring. It is also in her experience with him that she finally discovered her own fashion identity. She pursued fashion and studied at the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication and afterwards at the Central Saint Martins. Throughout her study, she was already very certain of the brand she wanted to establish. As soon as she graduated in 1995, she already had a collection and had her famous friend model for her line at their graduation runway show. Some of her friends who modelled for her, which by the way cost her nothing, are the amazing Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Yasmin Le Bon. Her entire graduation collection was immediately purchased by a London-based label, Tokyo.

Then and there, the world of Stella took its leap in the industry. Collection after collection, respect of the industry was earned. In 1997, she successfully spearheaded Chloé in Paris as its Creative Director. October of 2001, she already introduced to everybody her very own fashion house which she named under herself. In her very own brand, Stella McCartney, she proved to the global scene her talent, her know-how and her own personal perspective on fashion. She launched a brand that exudes the modern classic characteristics, which she herself believes every woman of the now possesses. She introduced to the industry her signature style of femininity, flattering fits and perfectly proportioned tailoring. She also flaunted to the world of fashion her modern take on color palettes. She is quite known for her very fresh, vibrant and very cool styling patterns.

Aside from Stella’s evident success in her brand, she is very committed to ethical standards and sustainability. Being a life-long vegetarian and an animal activitist, she is very strict in not using any animal extracted materials in her brand. This is a huge factor to her success in the industry. Right now, Stella McCartney has over 50 stores all over the globe’s biggest fashion capitols. For only a couple of years, Stella McCartney is a credible brand along with other brands that has been here for countless years like Versace, Gucci, Burberry, etc. In each of their collection, they make sure that their brand’s ethos which are to always be responsible, honest and innovative are strictly abided.

STELLA MCCARTNEY show at Paris Fashion Week Fall - Winter 2018-2019
STELLA MCCARTNEY show at Paris Fashion Week Fall – Winter 2018-2019


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