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Once named by Forbes as the most powerful sports brand, Nike is sure an innovative brand that has revolved exponentially throughout the years of its existence. It has a remarkable brand identity, especially as every single being in the world can recognize Nike’s official symbol, the swoosh. What kept Nike in its place above all others can be attributed to its continuous innovation, high quality products, and continual transformation and shift in focus to meet the demands of the modern market. One result of these efforts is the Nike Flyknit, a revolutionary footwear that’s the first of its kind, which also cemented Nike as a formidable competitor among all international sports brands.

Nike Flyknit Reviews

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The creation of the Flyknit technology


When the 21st century came, Nike knew it was time for a shoe revolution. Hence, the brand spent time, effort and finances on researching about what would be the next best thing in the footwear world. The next 10 years of research proved to be fruitful when the brand came up with a special upper, knitted from a very light, yet very durable yarn. That was the beginning of the Flyknit technology, one that introduced lightweight, stretchy and strong shoes to the modern sports apparel.

The new Flyknit technology was revealed to the world in February 2012, a real breakthrough in the industry. It wasn’t just because a huge brand released the technology—it was the sheer ingenuity of the Flyknit’s engineering that amazed the entire world. It was truly mind-blowing to have such a light material as one of the best when it comes to support, while also caring for the environment. The Flyknit is an environmentally sound technology, with it producing very minimal by-products or production waste.

Significance to the athletic shoe industry

Nike Flyknit

The main advantage of Flyknit’s technology is the flexibility of its material, as every stitch has been micro-engineered to adjust and adapt to what its wearer needs. With that ability, Flyknit was able to push the boundaries of footwear technology and redefine what performance-engineered shoes mean. Suddenly, every pair and every stitch can be personalized for what every athlete needs. Impressively, they all can be easily used as fashion shoes too.

The debut pair for Flyknit was the Flyknit racer, which was just the beginning of a continuous application of the technology to the popular models and silhouettes of Nike. The seamless upper created by the Flyknit makes every pair even more appealing to consumers, added to the comfort that the formfitting material gives. These benefits and advantages have been the outcome of the 4-year mission of Nike’s engineers, designers, and programmers to micro-engineer static properties to come up with a material that’s pliable and ultra-flexible. The success of the team resulted to an engineering marvel, which is a great turning point in the history of Nike and sports shows as well.

The reduction of weight in each pair was a big thing for athletes and regular shoe users. The combined weight of Nike Flyknit Racer’s tongue and upper is just 1.2 ounces or 34 grams, while the entire shoe in size 9 is just 5.6 ounces or 160 grams. That means, it is 19% much lighter than champions and runners up runners’ favorite, Nike Zoom Streak 3, which gives the Flyknit Racer a great advantage. Another thing that athletes love about the Flyknit pairs is that they almost feel like they are second skin because of their precision fit design.

The best of Flyknit

Nike Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer
Nike Zoom Mariah Flyknit Racer

The Nike FlyKnit Racer, also known as the OG Racer, is still the most popular silhouette among all Flyknit releases. The design of the OG Racer features a thin and simple sole, in order to highlight the upper, which was back then a new and unique design. Because of its popularity, the Flyknit Racer was massed produced as Flyknit One.

If you follow The Olympics, you would have remembered when Michael Phelps got his 22nd medal—the medal that made him the “winningest” athlete in the Olympic history. Do you remember the footwear he was wearing when he got up the podium to claim his medal? Yes. Those were Flyknits.

Phelps wasn’t the only one captivated by one or a dozen pair of Flyknit shoes. Athletes, celebrities and common people alike love to sport any pair using the Flyknit tehnology—it was an instant hit right from the get go. Nike used Flyknit’s popularity to reel in more people into the wolrd of modern athletic footwear. More silhouettes and colorways were used to further sell the shoes, and right before everyone’s eyes, Nike had earned its permanent spot in being the first and the biggest brand in term of use of the Flyknit technology.

Nike Women's Free Run Flyknit 2
Nike Women’s Free Run Flyknit 2
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