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Paris and New York have been rival fashion capitals since the 20th century. Both cities offer some of the finest and most beautiful clothes and often made with the same techniques. But while the US focuses more on the commercial side of the industry, Paris still upholds the craft that the fashion is founded upon. Both have become very important to survive the industry today. You need that commercial business mindset to lure in customers but still have to have those couture sensibilities to keep them captivated with your products. Only a handful of designers from both cities have mastered both, and one of them is American designer Nicole Miller.

Nicole Miller, both the designer and brand, is a fusion of American Style and French chic. Her clothes are effortless and versatile, perfect for the modern woman who doesn’t necessarily want to look so defined by old-school fashions. At times, the Nicole Miller woman can be fun and flirty, but she can also be serious and tailored as well. Having been trained in both the United States and in Paris, France, Miller has been able to combine both countries’ techniques and signatures to create a wardrobe that is chic and timeless.

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La Plage

Brands in New York are known for their city-click cosmopolitan style perfect for the urban lifestyle they promote. Nicole Miller has such a signature style as well, but she also has a subsidiary line that focuses on the opposite. With colorful prints, sexy cuts, and crocheted pieces, the brands ‘La Plage’ line caters to the luxurious woman who often goes on exotic vacations. While other brands only focus on this aesthetic for a small season (Resort), the line trots out pieces all year round for the tropical chick. The clothes are sexy and impactful, yet still as refined as Miller’s main line.

The brand for weddings

Having a designer that’s been trained in the art of haute couture, the label has also mastered eveningwear and uses it profusely for its highly-successful and coveted bridal line. Through the years, it has developed a versatile approach to the traditional garment, often offering it in varying styles and silhouettes. However, no matter how different each bridal season gets for the brand, they always end up doing a bit of draping for that authentic and classic romantic touch. Nicole Miller also often goes for the simpler look, to make the bride the star rather than her dress. From elegant necklines to show-stopping trains, Miller’s wedding gowns have become a favorite among brides in the US and beyond.

Fashion and technology

Compared to other labels, Miller is still considered a small, yet it is undoubtedly a very profitable brand. However, the label has ventured into new territories that are often only traveled by the bigger named luxury brands. One thing they did is that they released a small technology accessories line of products in their e-commerce store. One can buy a Miller-made and branded phone case to make your gadget as beautifully-dressed. They come in either eye-catching floral designs or sparkling embellished items. They also sell earphones and cable wires to make one easier to navigate their gadgets.

Making a name among famous labels

Designer Nicole Miller

Born in 1952, Nicole Miller grew up in Lenox, Massachusetts to an engineer father and a Paris-raised mother. With both parents strongly impacted by where they grew up, Miller was heavily influenced by both American and French culture. As a young lady, she graduated from Rhode Island School of Design where she first learned the basic skills of fashion design. She then went on to attend the prestigious L’Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne where she was educated with the classic and traditional techniques of haute couture. With both degrees under her belt, she developed a unique style that combined American sharpness with French chic.

In 1986, she established her eponymous brand by opening a store in Madison Avenue, selling men’s ties and womenswear dresses. With a lot of superstar designers showing in New York at the time, Miller slowly rose up the ranks to eventually become their equals. In 1998, Miller was the first American designer to show one week ahead of the Parisian labels, making headlines. She soon became a major player in American fashion, and in 2005, started designing for retail fashion giant, JCPenney. She has also opened around 20 boutiques in major cities across the United States.

Style stars

Models walk the Nicole Miller runway show during New York Fashion Week at The Gallery, Skylight Clarcson Sq., Manhattan.
Models walk the Nicole Miller runway show during New York Fashion Week at The Gallery, Skylight Clarcson Sq., Manhattan.

With her couture-like style, Miller has become a favorite for Hollywood A-listers on the red carpet. Through the years, the brand has dressed the likes of actress Anjelica Huston, Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields, and Susan Sarandon. Musical superstars Beyonce Knowles, LeAnn Rimes, and Sheryl Crow have also worn the label. The label even provided Cyndi Lauper’s costumes for her world tour.

With such a history, no other designer can ever be like Nicole Miller. She has successfully mastered merging the different styles and techniques of two of the biggest cities in the fashion industry. To this day, she is still one of the most influential and most sought-after designer labels in the world.

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