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Many Italian fashion brands captivated the world with bold prints and flamboyant looks—they are not ones who stay silently on the sidelines; they charge through head on with the goal of reaching every corner of the world. Such can also be said for MSGM, with a youthful and vibrant Italian founder who admittedly and proudly acclaims that the Italian culture has deeply influenced his brand and its first collections.

Brand inspirations

MSGM Spring, Summer 2016 Collection

With the loud and contemporary designs of the brand, one might easily wonder what inspired such pieces. Massimo Giorgetti combined his love for contemporary art, digital technology, and huge interest in indie music with his entrepreneurship background and fashion skills to create the MSGM brand in 2009. From then on he worked his way up, building on the brand’s persona that has a strong mark of audacity, eccentricity, and up-to-the-minute style that captured hearts of fashion experts and newbies alike.

When talking about the brand, the heavy influence of music cannot be discounted. For one, the name MSGM came about because Giorgetti was inspired by the American rock band, MGMT. The designer would also often compare the brand with music, with its ‘pure energy’ that reflects daring and interesting colors and patterns. For Giorgetti, the melody and rhythm of music can be translated into clothing, somehow creating music that can be seen by your very own eyes.

Bold and modern

MSGM Fashion

For its collections, MSGM never took the safe route, as they were always ahead of the fashion game. By anticipating what fashion trends would come next, the brand is always ready to come out with pieces that will shock the world.  An explosion of colors, bold silhouettes, and a burst of youthfulness are always expected in the brand’s collections. It’s always cool, always relevant, always up to date—a vibe that the designer wishes to maintain even as the brand grows older.

No wonder celebrities and names in the entertainment industry known for their edgy and audacious looks have been spotted wearing the brand. Sia has worn a custom MSGM dress on a performance, Nicole Scherzinger rocked a sexy and fun piece from the brand, and Lucy Hale walked fashionably with a bold MSGM top to complete her street wear. Highly popular English music artist, Dua Lipa, also made news with her vampire bride look for a 2017 Halloween Party using a blood red MSGM tulle dress. Noah Cyrus and Lena Dunham joins the list too, both rocking the fresh and trendy vibe of the brand’s pieces on the red carpet.

How MSGM expanded worldwide

Models are seen backstage ahead of the MSGM show during Milan Fashion Week Spring

From its flagship store in Milan, MSGM has grown global, reaching as far as Asia with its stores serving customers in Hongkong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Seoul. But how did the brand do it?

Fashion and art collaborations are a common thing with the brand, as it founder and main designer has a wide knowledge and connections in the art industry. These partnerships include known names such as: Pierpaolo Ferrari, Henry Hussey, and Maurizio Cattelan. Just recently, MSGM collaborated with Molteni & Co and launched its very own Spotify Channel complete with a personal playlist! It just goes to show how current MSGM is, not only with its designs, but also its marketing strategy.

Keeping their collections interesting is one thing, but having great investors and distributors are a huge factor to the brand’s success, too! Big names in the international fashion and retail industry invest in MSGM, including Rome’s Eleonora and Gente, Asia’s Lane Crawford, Milan’s Antonia, and Varese’s Base Blu. While Giorgetti is in charge of the designs, Riccardo Grassi takes care of the distribution, and so far, he has done quite a stellar performance.Over 280 stores all over the world offer the brand’s pieces as well, such as, 10 Corso Como, Harvey Nichols, Luis Via Roma, and Folli Follie.

Approaching its 10th year since the beginning, MSGM moves forward with a promising direction toward further success. The mix of its excellent designer who doesn’t fidget under pressure, a digital approach to design and style, crisp looks with fresh style, and a non-fearing team that continues to explore edgy aesthetics for the brand, MSGM is sure to remain on top of the fashion arena, whether you like it or not.

MSGM clothes on display at Rinascente in Milan, Italy.
MSGM clothes on display at Rinascente in Milan, Italy.

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