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Most of us practice self-expression in the form of music and fashion. These two are linked to each other in which music influences fashion and our sense of style by how we pick our music genre. The popularity of a fashion trend is usually set by the current trend in the music industry.

Back in the 60s, you would see people roaming around the streets in trim grey suits and shiny black shoes and sporting for a ‘rock n roll’ vibe because of the ever famous band, Beatles. The Beatlemania, as what they called, became so popular among teens and they managed to incorporate the stardom of the band in their fashion and style. The glam rock in the 70s inspired by David Bowie turned out to be a huge trend as he invented mod teenager, hippy with dishelved curls, Ziggy Stardust, among many more. His style has set a standard of what it means to be an ultimate rock star. These and a lot more fashion trends and pop culture have flourished because of a big influence of music to our lives.

Combination of music and fashion

Truth be told, music holds a huge impact to a person. But for brothers Laurent and Arik Bitton, they channeled their passion for music, architecture and design into fashion. Their love for music was translated to fashion when they opened IRO in 2005, known for chic, cool and super stylish collection. Laurent has a background in music, as he initially pursued a career in New York as guitarist and singer in a rock band. That passion for music was merged with Arik’s career in fashion, where he used to run their family business, Somebody, a womenswear line that has been around for twenty years in France. Their family business has influenced and equipped them with knowledge in the fashion industry and enabled them to open their own label and name it IRO.

IRO might seem to be an acronym, but it originally stands for the word ‘Hero’. This came about when the label was under conceptualization. Laurent was still in New York and his brother was actually the one working for the brand. Arik who was directly in charge in setting up the business, was considered ‘Hero’ by his brother.

IRO Campaign

Making its mark in the fashion industry

IRO basically combines female and modern silhouettes with luxury and casual style. The brand has been producing high quality products with a strong sense of style and excellence ever since it was created. This is evident with their bestselling collections including skinny jeans, motorcycle jackets, high-waisted bottoms, among others.

The brand highlights cool and feminine vibe to offer women with accessible, fresh and sexy collection and style. They were able to combine outstanding craftsmanship, keen to detail, and quality materials in each item it produces. Through the brands innovative ways, the brand was able to establish its voice in the fashion industry.

IRO’s charm in Hollywood and the rest of the world

The brand is highly celebrated—different female celebrities were caught sporting the brand, including Kate Hudson, Anna Paquin, Nicole Richie, Julianne Hough, Jessica Alba and Taylor Swift. Indeed, the brand has become celebrities’ choice in their street wear styles, yet their influence has gone global nowadays.

The first boutique of the brand was opened in 2006 in Paris’ Saint Germain de pres district. Soon after, they opened a store in Rue Vieille du Temple in Le Marais. This started the consistent expansion of IRO in the global market where they set up stores in Europe,  Asia, America and even in Asia and the Pacific.  The brand became open to the world through its  distributors and satellite stores around the world. The global presence of IRO is continuously expanding through its brand new collections being displayed in over 45 countries worldwide.

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