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Wearing evening wear is often a chance to steal the show. Although there are plenty of choices, the designs do not necessarily reflect what women want to wear as much as they do the trends. The overdone gowns will almost usually break the bank. So what does one have to do when left with slim pickings? For four London-based women, creating is better than settling.

For women, by women

Galvan London Women
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In 2014, four friends—Anna-Christin Haas (design director), Carolyn Hodler (sales director), Sola Harrison (creative director), and Katherine Holmgren (commercial director)—with different backgrounds in the arts and fashion came together to establish what we now know as Galvan London. The foursome were unhappy with most evening wear on offer as they thought they were over the top and expensive.They imagined wearing modern dresses that could be donned in many ways, which will get the most out of your buck, but still classy enough.

The result became a collection of gowns, dresses and jumpsuits that is still growing to this day, The designs created by women, for women soon started gaining attention and receiving love from Hollywood celebrities. Clients include Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Sienna Miller and Kylie Jenner, among others.

Where to find Galvan

pickings? For four London-based women, creating is better than settling.

Galvan opened a store at Notting Hill by October of last year, with a selection handpicked from past seasons. It is also setting its eyes to opening studios on the other side of the pond—in Los Angeles and New York, to be specific, to cater to more customers.

For fashion companies selling evening wear, it is very important to have a physical presence as the clothing needs a little more tending, perhaps a little shortening of the hem, adjusting the measurements, just so one could have the perfect fit. The growing brand wants to make shopping easier because as women themselves, they know just how large the market they tapped into is.

But for women who just don’t have the time, Galvan pieces are also sold at department stores, boutiques and online merchants which include Neiman Marcus, Harvey Nichols, Bergdorf Goodman, and Boutique 1. In 2016, the group also began selling their merchandise right at their own website. A complimentary fitting is also available for customers to be done at their own homes, should they opt for it. However, this is limited to London at the moment.

In-demand Galvan pieces

The generally pared down designs that are still plush-looking are usually in demand for Galvan, but celebrity wardrobe has played a big factor in dictating Galvan sales. The white long-sleeved, pleated dress from the label’s AW 2016 collection, famously worn by Leighton Meester during the 2017 Golden Globes, the silver slip dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence during a Met Gala after party, and a white jumpsuit Sienna Miller introduced during a match at Wimbledon were some of the designs clients kept asking for, albeit with slight alterations and sometimes different colors. Thankfully, requests are easily made as Galvan’s London location proved to be convenient, with the production and recutting done in-house.

Expanding to a bridal selection

Galvan Bridal

The fussy problem that the founders saw with evening wear apparently is also the same problem for bridal apparel. In fact, the ladies of Galvan have received and catered bridal requests since its founding in 2014. The move for the label to release a 25-piece collection for its soon-to-be wed fans earlier this year was only logical, although it was intentionally delayed. The ladies waited for the right time before releasing an official line of bridal gowns and dresses.

The capsule includes slip dresses made out of satin and glamorous full-length wedding gowns, two of which were worn by two of its founders, Holgrem and Haas. The same clean design the brand has employed in its evening wear can be seen on the collection. Its gowns can be customized according to color, embellishments, as well as fabric. If nothing tickles your fancy, a request for existing styles to be created in white can also be made.

You don’t have to limit yourself to over-embellished gowns and frocks when shopping for evening wear clothes, thanks to the four-woman team at Galvan London. Their designs prove that you can be glamorous and beautiful without all the unnecessary jazz, just allowing you to be you.

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