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We women often find fashion and style inspirations from our favorite celebrities, musicians and models. We take note of the gowns and dresses that they wear from the red carpet, on their concerts and any other occasions for that matter. We also make sure to look up that designer who made those gorgeous outfits. So, what do Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence have in common aside from being all beautiful women and Oscar winners? They have all worn Dion Lee’s creations one way or another.

Breakthrough star of Australian fashion

Dion Lee was born in 1985 and is an Australian fashion designer. He established his eponymous brand at the age of 23, already a great achievement at such a very young age. He graduated at the Sydney institute of Technology in 2008. He was the first designer to hold a runway presentation at the Sydney Opera House in 2010, and earned several awards and recognitions in the fashion industry, including the GQ Man of the Year as Best Designer in 2013. With such impressive achievement and portfolio up his sleeves, no wonder this young designer has reached the top of his career almost right out of school and brought his label on top of the fashion line.

Dion Lee’s creations feature sleek and precise lines and sculptural forms as well as superior tailoring element and originality which set the brand’s designs and clothes apart from those of other labels. Their clothing line also boasts of in-house development of experimental fabrics which drape and sculpt the body real exquisitely.

Models walk the runway at the Dion Lee fashion show during New York Fashion Week.
Models walk the runway at the Dion Lee fashion show during New York Fashion Week. Credit: FashionStock.com

Who wears Dion Lee?

One of the reasons why the brand itself rose to such fame at a short period of time was due to the fact its clothing line is well loved by famous and gorgeous celebrities, such as Oscar Winners mentioned earlier–Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and Charlize Theron. Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen and Amber Heard are also fans of this standout brand in Australia fashion’s designs.

And of course, Selena Gomez is also one of Dion Lee’s famous clients. Remember the all-white ensemble that she wore in her Revival Concert in Australia? It was a white corset-inspired top paired with a white long sheer skirt with a high side slit which really suit her young popstar image and style. And to top the celeb list off, Dion Lee and Kanye West had a shoe collaboration wherein Kanye designed the shoes the models wore at Lee’s Collection for A/W 2012. Needless to say, Dion Lee being linked to these famous Hollywood celebrities who have also have a wide following in social media have benefited the designer’s already outstanding reputation even more so.

A model representing Dion Lee in the 2010 L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival at Central Pier
A Model Representing Dion Lee in the 2010 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival at Central Pier. Credit: Neale Cousland / Shutterstock.com

Doing it Dion Lee’s way

With the oncoming wide shift in the fashion industry  brought upon by the upsurge in social media use and increasing number of global clients, Dion Lee is leaning towards a “seasonless” collection that still possess the core essence of his designs that will be available all-year round soon after being shown at the fashion week and runway.

With Dion Lee’s exceptional success in the fashion industry, the new designs and upcoming collections of his brand are something that we should all really look forward to. The label’s manufacturing, business headquarters and six flagship stores in Australia and a secondary base in New York City. Dion Lee’s clothing lines are also sold at more than 40 exclusive retailers, including Net-A-Porter and Selfridges, among others all over the world.

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