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There have been a number of designers who are considered artists throughout the years. The works of couturiers Dior, Schiaparelli, and Balenciaga are regarded as artwork and have often be housed in some of the most prominent museums. Their successors John Galliano and Alexander McQueen have also gained such accolades, particularly because of their avant-garde approach to fashion. However, although their works are immaculately beautiful, they aren’t always the most wearable, hence oftentimes, the museum is where they fit most. However, there is a house that specializes in outfits that have wearability and artistry in equal measure: Delpozo.

Although they may have been getting attention only in recent years, the house of Delpozo has been founded for decades. Their codes, however, have rarely changed. To this day, the brand specialized in what they call “pret-a-couture”, a marriage of the artistry and craft of haute couture with the sensibilities of high-end ready-to-wear. Season after season, the offer collections that are both visually-stunning and comfortable to wear, mostly because of their soft fabrications. They’ve also become a key show during Fashion Week, whichever city they chose to present at in a season. While their name might not be as big as Dior and Balenciaga, but the design and quality of their pieces can rival them anytime.

Founded in the ’70s

Jesus Del Pozo was born on December 21, 1946. He grew up in Madrid, Spain, where he was surrounded by stylish women of the aristocracy. In 1974, he established his namesake label by opening his first menswear store. Two years later, in 1976, he introduced himself to the world fashion industry by presenting his first men’s collection in Paris. His designs soon caught the eye of many clients and the fashion press, and his name became one of the hottest labels out there. In 1980, he established his women’s ready-to-wear line, showing at Madrid’s famous Cibeles fashion show during that decade.

Apart from Madrid, the label has also shown in various shows in other fashion capitals. In 1989, they showed at the Fashion Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. The following year, in 1990, they showed at the famous Louvre museum in Paris for La Cour Carree show. From the 1990’s onwards, Del Pozo himself established his brand as a demi-couture label for high-profile clients. Soon, the brand’s pieces were sold at prominent retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman. In August of 2011, the founder passed away, leaving his brand to be lead by Josep Font as it new creative director.

Turning international with Josep Font

When Josep Font joined the brand, he decided to turn it into an international luxury brand. One of his first courses of action was to take the brand to New York and show at the city’s world-famous Fashion Week. While there, he showed at various locations, from an old garden house to minimalist artistic studios. His collections still reflected the demi-couture approach that was the house’s signature. Soon, the fashion press hailed it as one of the key shows of the week. Under Font’s leadership, the brand also ventured into online retailing. Their pieces are now available in e-commerce sites such as Net-A-Porter, Moda Operandi, and Opening Ceremony, among others. In 2018, he moved the brand their Fall 2018 show in London Fashion Week, their first after a couple of seasons in New York Fashion Week.

Other Lines

Apart from its “pret-a-couture” line, Delpozo also has a series of other lines carrying the label’s name. In 1992, the label launched their fragrance line by the release of “Duende”, their first perfume for women. It was followed by an array of other fragrances such as Halloween in 1997, J. del Pozo in Black in 2005, and Ambar in 2010, among others. During the early 90’s, the label also debuted their lingerie and jewelry collections, sold alongside their world-famous ready-to-wear pieces. In 1996, the house launched their bridal line, “Moda Barcelona”. To this day, all lines can still be bought, with some available at e-commerce websites where their pret-a-couture is also sold.

Celebrities charmed by Delpozo

Because of his unique and elaborate style, many celebrities have fallen in love with Josep Font’s work for Delpozo. It has since become a regular name in high-profile events, especially on the red carpet. Award-winning actresses such as Julianne Moore, Hilary Swank, and Kerry Washington have all been spotted wearing Delpozo. Meanwhile, pop stars like Rihanna and socialite Olivia Palermo have donned a piece or two from Josep Font’s Delpozo collections. The brand has even reached the White House, as US First Lady Melania Trump has often been seen in Delpozo during many events. The vast range of prominent women is proof that Delpozo is now a beloved fashion brand.

Wherever they choose to be based on, whether in London or New York, Delpozo will surely be a key player in any fashion capital. In a matter of a few years, the brand became a prominent label beloved by women all over the world. Their highly-artistic pieces, that are also very wearable, are the types of clothes that a fashion girl would love to have in her wardrobe.

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