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Throughout the 20th century, jeans have become a fashion staple. It used to be a garment for factory workers but has since become a favorite piece by people of all social classes. They love it because it’s easy for the pair to complement any type of figure, as well as the versatility of design various designers have incorporated on through the years. Jeans have also become a luxury fashion piece, with a number of designers heavily-focusing on the particular garment. From haute couture brands like Chanel and Versace to sportswear giants like Calvin Klein, each high fashion label has their own twist on the classic piece. However, Citizens of Humanity have made jeans their foundation.

While other brands focus on skin-tight jeans, Citizens of Humanity is all about different types of denim jeans. They offer wide-legged, slim-fit, cropped, cigarette-cut—any style of denim jeans are available in the brand. They’re all about the denim, and they cater to both women’s and men’s equally. No other label has such an experimental approach to jeans quite like this American brand.  With such a diverse selection, especially for a garment worn by practically everybody, it has become clear why the brand’s name is “Citizens of Humanity.”


Citizens Of Humanity Denim Jeans
Citizens Of Humanity Denim Jeans. Photo: Farfetch

It’s important to note that Citizens of Humanity jeans are only available through prominent retail stores and high-profile e-commerce websites. Since their jeans have become some of the most coveted and yet most expensive pieces in the world, a lot of people have started selling counterfeit jeans to customers. People have to be careful because they may be buying fake Citizens Of Humanity pieces. One thing people can do is to check the serial number of the jeans to see if they really are from the premium denim brand. Also, it’s always best to just buy a Citizens Of Humanity-brand products through their own store.

Since the brand was founded by Dahan in 2003, various prominent retailers have clamored to carry their high-quality denim jeans in their stores. Now, a number of them sell such like hotcakes, bringing about more prestige to the brand. In terms of denim, the brand is one of the bestselling ones out there today. The likes of Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys have their pieces in store. They’ve also infiltrated online retailing with their presence at such e-commerce websites like Net-A-Porter, Shopbop, and Anthropologie, among many others. Only through such retail stores and online platforms will a customer get a genuine pair of Citizens of Humanity denim jeans.

Brand establishment

Citizens of Humanity is actually the second brand by designer Jerome Dahan. His first was 7 For All Mankind which is also a denim-focused brand. However, in 2003, he left the brand to start another of its kind, which is now Citizens of Humanity. Dahan made sure that this brand will have a smarter and more intricate approach to denim jeans that the more mass-produced 7 for All Mankind brand. The brand soon gained momentum and a number of high-profile customers began wearing pieces from the brand in public. People started loving the label’s flattering designs and soon, Citizens of Humanity has become a premium denim brand in American fashion.

In 2006, Dahan and investment firm Berkshire Partners entered into an investment deal that increased the brand’s capital. Similarly to his previous 7 For All Mankind brand, all the individual pieces of this brand have their own serial number to make sure that no two items are completely alike. Each and every pair of jeans, tops, and accessories are all completely unique in their own way, whether it’s in the cut, design, or little details only the customer will discover. For a relatively-young brand, Citizens of Humanity has become one of the go-to brands to get the best pair of jeans.

Jean atelier

Citizen of Humanity - Jean Atelier

For Fall 2017, the brand launched their first subsidiary line called “Jean Atelier,” in partnership with designer Naom Hanoch. Hanoch used to work for Citizens Of Humanity until he left to start his own namesake label. However, after his own brand didn’t receive that much success, he entered into a new collaboration with his previous company and opened a new line of jeans, tops, and other items. Jean Atelier is a premium ready-to-wear line that specializes in intricate pieces. Aside from the classic denim jeans, they also sell French lace tops, leather jackets, and drapes dresses. It’s combining classic haute couture techniques with the intricate approach of Citizens Of Humanity when it comes to ready-to-wear.

Who knew that a clothing piece that is considered normal and basic can be such a symbol of luxury? Citizens Of Humanity has changed the way people see denim jeans forever. Because of the brand, what was once a normal article of clothing is now a prestigious piece to hold at your wardrobe for many years to come. It might even equal haute couture someday in terms of each price and prestige. And when that happens, Citizens Of Humanity is sure to be a label behind that.

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