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Coco Chanel and her fashion house has a prestige that always come up when it comes to couture and ready-to-wear designs. Chanel truly had an unparalleled role in the history of fashion, and it continues to leave its unique mark in the industry with amazing pieces and influential designs. The famous Coco Chanel did not stop at clothing, she explored other realms of fashion and beauty that made her brand even more iconic among all fashion labels—a great example would be Chanel jewelry.

Chanel fine jewellery store on Old Bond street in Mayfair, London. United Kingdom
Chanel fine jewellery store on Old Bond street in Mayfair, London. United Kingdom

Before Chanel came into the picture, owning jewelry was a thing exclusive only for the wealthy and costume jewelry was looked down on. With Chanel exploring new ways to let all women enjoy the beauty of jewelry, the costume jewelry suddenly had a place in the fine jewelry, changing the way people view the costume jewelry.

Through the years Chanel mesmerized the world with glamorous collections and lines that captivate any woman in any place around the globe. Let’s get to know the best collections that put Chanel in the jewelry map for good.

Coco Crush


Chanel Coco Crush Jewellery Rings
Chanel Coco Crush Rings

Coco Crush is one fabulous collection that have garnered attention and admiration from the day Chanel announced its release. It has veered away from the already established ornate design of Chanel’s jewelry pieces and took on more chunky silhouettes—something that has captured the iconic detailing of the label as well as the delicate impact of the playful glam.

Limited edition pieces have been part of this collection, including a cuff and five rings made from 18-carat yellow and white gold. More pieces have been added by the brand to fully encapsulate the modern and timeless spirit of Coco herself. A necklace with a two-row design, asymmetrical earrings, a bangle and a statement ring completes the beautiful collection, yet like everyone else, we’re on the lookout for more gorgeous pieces to be added to this collection.

Camélia jewelry

Chanel Camélia jewelry Collection
Chanel Camélia Collection

Chanel has long adapted the camellia blossom as one of its key symbols that represent both masculinity and femininity, as well as the independent spirit of women. The Camelia jewelry has a beauty that captivates, especially with the sparkling diamonds in each piece added to the beautiful silhouette of the flower added to the necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. The pieces from this line do not only capture what fine jewelry is, but a symbolic collection that shows a timeless style that transcends through time and trends.

Ruban jewelry

Chanel Ruben jewelry Collection
Chanel Ruben Collection

The Ruban jewelry collection is somehow a tribute to Chanel’s iconic motif: the bow. It has become a common theme for many clothing pieces of the brand spanning more than 100 years now, and it was a natural course to finally have it adapted to the jewelry pieces of the brand. The bow isn’t only an enduring reminder of Coco Chanel’s style, as she wore bows from the time she was young, but a reminder of the graceful beauty of the curves on the different interpretation of the bows and the beautiful connection between jewelry and fashion. The dazzling diamonds adorning the white gold completes the captivating charm of the pieces, perfect for the enchanting style of the Ruban jewelry.

Comète jewelry

Chanel Comète jewelry Collection
Chanel Comète jewelry Collection

The Comète collection captures Gabrielle Chanel’s love for stars and comets, which were always her inspiration for design. For the designer and brand founder, the star represents women’s eternal beauty, even saying, “I wanted to cover women in constellations of stars. Stars of all sizes.

The Comète jewelry pieces are chunky accessories with the appeal of delicate and fine jewelry. Chanel did not hold back in adorning pieces from this jewelry collection, many of them featuring huge pieces of diamonds or fabulous diamond encrustments…or both! The collection pays homage to the 1932 Bijoux de Diamants collection, updating the line’s beauty with shooting star motifs achieved through dazzling diamonds added to white-gold bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Plume de Chanel


Plume de Chanel collection
Plume de Chanel Collection

Plume de Chanel is a tribute to the brand’s feather symbol, one that still captivated high and refined jewelry in the collection. The Plume collection was launched back in 2010, with motifs showcased in both white and yellow gold, highlighted with beautiful and sparkling diamonds. A few years later, Chanel reinvents the main symbol of the collection, the feather, to let it have a “downy effect” which captured the beauty of a young bird’s feather. Now, the fine jewelry line includes a white gold necklace with 3062 diamonds in brilliant-cut, a ring with a huge pink topaz and 145 diamond embellishments, and a white gold bracelet adorned with 118 diamonds complete with a wrist-wrapping feather detail.

Lion jewelry

Chanel Lion jewelry Collection
Chanel Lion Collection

The L’Esprit du Lion collection was a well-anticipated release from Chanel, with the return of the lion to the brand’s high jewelry collection as a familiar move to appreciate the favorite animal of the founder herself, Mademoiselle Chanel. A total of 53 jewelry creations features the regal animal, whichall got their inspiration from the lion in the founder’s apartment in Paris. Remarkable pieces from the line include the “Passionate” cuff made from 18k yellow gold; the “Commanding” ring detailed with 286 brilliant-cut marquise-cut diamond; and 5.28-karat  the “Legendary,”a convertible 18k yellow gold necklace.

Vintage jewelry

Chanel Vintage Jewellery
Chanel Vintage Jewellery

Vintage Chanel jewelry has all the charms and beauty covered, especially as they all embody the colourful history of Gabrielle Chanel and the Chanel brand itself. Despite the surfacing of many new designs and modern take on jewelry, the appeal of vintage jewelry hasn’t faded one bit, especially when it’s Chanel. The beauty in these pieces captured how the label introduced costume jewelry into the techniques of high jewelry, as this collection feature 18k gold electroplated pieces that showcase the iconic motifs we all love about the brand, including swirls, pearls, hearts, clovers, and quilted bag. But who wouldn’t recognize the double c logo of the brand? That same logo adorn many pieces from this collection, a true prized design unique to the brand alone.

Flashy, highly ornate, exquisite and bold—these words can capture what Chanel jewelry is. Quite opposite of the understated pieces of the label’s RTW pieces, the house’s jewelry isn’t only fabulously beautiful, but have been a major game changer in the jewelry industry. Now we still enjoy the beauty of Chanel’s jewelry, no matter what year they were made or designed, as they all exude a unique and timeless appeal that nothing can ever parallel.

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