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Women’s clothing can be tricky. On one hand you have plenty of glamorous and sexy clothing that would really make you appear put together, but they feel awful and forced. On the other hand, you have comfy clothing, probably a go-to, that will give you more mobility but aren’t really flattering. Where is the common ground?

Caroline Constas had the same question herself. But while most of us pick either one of the evils, she made her own line of clothing that is wearable, and not only once. The educated cosmopolite would want to live in them while still feeling sensual and unabashedly feminine.

The woman behind the brand

Caroline Constas was taking a pre-med before she established her own brand, but she said that she has always wanted to create her own fashion line as a child. When she spent her summers in Greece with her grandmother who would sew clothes for her, she had a say on how she wanted them to look. She also learned how to sketch, and has done so throughout her whole time as a youngster in Montreal.

This proved to be handy after setting out on her own in New York, where the Canadian designer launched Caroline Constas—surprise!—her eponymous brand that showcased her own fashion sense: clothing made of quality fabric that she would actually wear herself. Unsurprisingly, many women responded to the approach, and soon Constas found herself and her brand catapulting to fame.

Your traveling must-have: Caroline Constas

The designer’s name conjures to mind the off-the-shoulder top. According to Constas, she fused the allure of a silky, flattering off-shoulder with a looser but still very chic cotton peasant blouses. They were always around but for some reason the combination has sparked something new.

These off-shoulder blouses, as well as any of the label’s airy shirt dresses are must-haves for jetsetters. In fact, the whole collection of the New York brand will feed your wanderlust dreams with its travel-inspired apparel. They will make you feel light while you’re wearing them, and the silhouettes are very flattering on your figure so you’ll be putting them on with little to no hesitation at all. Plus, the travel clothing is perfect for packing: the fabric can be effortlessly rolled to save space on your luggage. The company uses is made of high-quality cotton that can be washed or cleaned without the need of pressing or steaming afterwards.

Caroline Constas

Style inspirations and the green cause

You don’t have to look any further than the company website to see the who’s who flaunting Constas’ creations. There’s a dedicated section to celebs and fashion bloggers wearing the branded clothes. And there is plenty to see, with Demi Lovato wearing a Persephone white blouse, Pandora Sykes in an Artemis bustier top, Brooke Carrie Hil-Diaz in a Gabriella bustier, Rita Ora in a Carmen top. The likes of Chrissy Teigen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gabrielle Union and Demi Lovato also grace the page. Some of the photos can redirect you to links where you can purchase the actual clothing online.

Caroline Constas is not only fashion savvy but environmentally conscious, too! You can buy from the site knowing that your money will be going the extra mile. When you purchase a green outfit from its Causes collection, 15 percent automatically becomes a donation to save the world and fight global warming.

Beach is also a destination

For the cosmopolite jetsetter, fancy cities in Europe aren’t the only ones that are worth visiting. Sometimes (if we’re honest, often) the beach is also enticing, offering a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. For Caroline Constas, it is only logical to soon have a collection of beachwear added to her brand.

Swimwear from the brand generated as much buzz as her lovely tops. After all, her pieces tend to stand out just as much in comfort and style. The gingham prints and the stripes so often featured in her ready-to-wear blouses also make their appearance in the beachwear. You’ll certainly elevate the charm on your Instagram post with bathing suits that feature ruffles and polka-dot prints that evoke a vintage vibe.

For the cosmopolitan woman

Caroline Constas is the brand for the cosmopolitan woman, someone who has her own career, enjoys the offerings of the city, wants to be stylish and sets out to discover more of the world. For a woman with always a destination in mind, style shouldn’t be too hard, or uncomfortable. Looking good doesn’t have to be at odds with coziness, and Caroline Constas’ collection is proof of that.

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