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Being a woman in this day of age is not an easy feat. Everyday is like a battle as you go along  juggling your career, personal life, and social commitments. We won’t judge you if sometimes you thought of letting everything go for just a moment and take a time to breathe, relax, and even splurge. It is totally understandable, after all, a relaxing day spent at the spa, or in a coffee place reading a good book is a sure way to de-stress and rejuvenate your spirit. Better yet, you can go to that luxury store and buy that bag you have been eyeing for years. Surely, you will feel better in an instant as research even suggests that retail therapy immensely helps in improving a person’s mood.

Come on, we know you want to. In fact, you deserve to buy that bag of your dreams. Oh, you don’t know yet where to find that specific luxury bag? We know just the place—Brahmin.

From Basement to the Top of the World

With Brahmin’s success today as one of the most sought-after sources of luxurious leather goods, you might not believe us if we tell you honestly that this giant retailer actually started from the founders’ tiny basement in Massachusetts.

In 1882, founders and co-executives Bill and his wife, Joan Martin launched their own accessories company—focusing on handbags—from the very basement of their home. During this time, Bill was recently fired from a company that, ironically, sells bags and shoes, and instead of taking this mishap as a setback, the Martins saw it as an opportunity to create their own brand. With Joan’s affinity for fashion and design and Bill’s expert craftsmanship skills, the power couple got each other’s back on this risky venture. Joan would draft design layouts of the bags, while Bill would cut out the patterns in leather. Once ready for sale, the bags were sold from the back of their car and at their own home for invited guests to see the product line, with hopes that the high-class women in Boston would take interest in their leather goods.

Fast forward to today, the small business founded in Massachusetts now have more than 750 locations in the country and have become a household name for elegant and luxurious leather products known worldwide.

What Brahmin Means

Naming a company, surely, is easier said than done. Fortunately for the Martins, they chose a brand name that perfectly represents the splendor of their products and their clientele.

The term Brahmin connotes the social and cultural elite and the highest of four social classes in Hinduism. It is therefore safe to say that Brahmin targets the most elite market who wants to be remembered not only by their beauty, intellect, and class, but by the statement handbags swinging perfectly on their arms. An apt name for a luxury brand that serves the most stylish aristocrats, right?

Quality is Brahmin’s Middle Name

If there is one thing Brahmin takes seriously is the trust given to their name and their products. The only way to earn this trust is by making sure that every product they offer is of the best quality. This means using only the most superior materials, and allowing only the most expert artisans in crafting their handbags and accessories.

As a matter of fact, Brahmin will, quite literally, go the distance to get the right materials for their offerings. The leather used in making Brahmin’s merchandise are selected from the finest raw leathers all the way from Italy and around the globe. Also, the buckles and snaps adorning their bags are made of high quality brass, a durable material that will prevent the metal from becoming rough. The result? A timeless masterpiece of quality, artistry, and style that will surely last a lifetime.

Brahmin Cares

Brahmin is committed to promoting positive social change to the local community. The company has since initiated efforts to reach out to causes it cares about through partnerships with multiple organizations. Brahmin advocates women empowerment, supports the education of impoverished children, and fights a good fight against diseases. A few of its charitable partners are Dress For Success, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Naples Children & Education Foundation, among others.

Timeless Luxury

Made from only the finest leather and crafted by at least two dozen skilled and talented artisans using over 100 steps, Brahmin is designed to exude timeless grace and elegance to your luxurious personal style, bringing your look together while setting you apart from the crowd.

So what are you waiting for? Start that retail therapy and grab that Brahmin handbag to add to your collection. 

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