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People have said that menswear is the most sophisticated category in fashion next to haute couture. All the traditions of tailoring and fine fabrications have been passed down from generation to generation, building up an irreplaceable legacy. However, through the years, the ideas of high fashion menswear have changed dramatically. From the principles in The UK’s Saville Row and the exquisite men’s tailoring in Italy, menswear was suddenly revolutionized in the 20th century. It began the age of individuality, and fashion became more about self-expression than a systematic approach to proper dressing. The gentleman look was no longer the center of menswear, and men started ease upon their dressing in their everyday lives.

Through the years, countless brands started to cater to this new men’s market who wanted to look more cool and casual than just classy. They offered separates, sportswear, and vibrantly-colored clothing that men in previous decades, or even centuries, would never have worn. One such brand is Ben Sherman, a UK-based designer label. Even though this brand is founded in one of the world’s centers of finely tailored menswear, the company focuses on casual and chic clothing for the everyday man. They’re known for their comfortable style.

It all started with shirts

Ben Sherman in London, UK.
Ben Sherman in London, UK. Photo: Michaelpuche

Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, more commonly known as Ben Sherman, opened the label in 1963. It started out as a shirt factory in Brighton, UK and became popular among the young men in that area. During the 1960’s, he adapted the American-style button-down Oxford shirts, which at the time were becoming popular, for the UK market. However, instead of just white shirts, he offered them in various colors and, at times, thinner fabrics perfect for resort wear. He then opened the “Ben Sherman Originals” label in 1965, which helped grow the business and expand its popularity in Europe and the United States.

The company eventually opened their own office in London that same year, selling the same high-quality button-down shirts they’ve become known for. Their office also stood as their first ever showroom, where they’d welcome clients and customers to fit their latest products. In 1967, the opened their first retail store in Brighton. Through the years, Ben Sherman became one of the go-to labels for men’s casual and resort wear. Their pieces were comfortable yet classic, and high-quality but one can move in them freely. While they weren’t the same old suits British menswear was known for all these years, they had the same refined touch and elegant look.

Other lines

Ben Sherman Women

Their cool and comfortable look was adapted to the many lines they later ventured into. During the 2000’s, the label actually had both womenswear and childrenswear lines on their roster. They consisted of the same refined touch of casual chic and separates that customers can mix and match together. However, both lines were discontinued in 2010, and the label solely focused on their menswear alone.

Currently, the brand also haS a shoe line consisting of comfortable footwear for the everyday gentleman. Made out of canvas or denim, their collection of slip-on’s and Oxfords became popular among the youth today. Their footwear evokes the same nonchalant look, perfect to pair with their delectable menswear.

Available all over the world

Ben Sherman boutique in Pavilion KL shopping mall. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Ben Sherman boutique in Pavilion KL shopping mall. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Photo: Aaron Lim

Because of their highly accessible style, fit for any environment, Ben Sherman has expanded their retail presence across the globe. Their casual menswear has become popular in many places, not just the fashionable cities. They’re now available in various countries, such as the US, Germany, Canada, and Australia, among many others. When their popularity spread throughout youth during the latter half of the 20th century, a host of prominent retailers started carrying their items in their stores. These include Selfridges, Convent Garden, Neiman Marcus, Saks Off Fifth, and a whole lot more. The world has fallen in love with the Ben Sherman aesthetic, and we aren’t surprised.

Media attention

Ben Sherman Men's Fashion

While its clothes aren’t necessarily that experimental, the brand’s cool and casual style has had fashion publications pulling Ben Sherman out for their fashion spreads. Magazines like GQ, Vogue Homme, and Shortlist magazine have all featured the brand’s pieces in their editorials and ad campaigns. The brand has also been featured in shows like Glee, and The X Factor, worn by Hollywood stars and the most prominent names in British entertainment. Speaking of stars, Ben Sherman has also dressed a host of celebrities, whether simply on the street or on the red carpet. Their star list includes Gary Barlow, Olly Murs, Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg, and Josh Hutcherson.

No other brand has captured the casual look quite like Ben Sherman. This British-based label understands that just because clothes are ready-to-wear, doesn’t mean they don’t have to have high quality. The brand has become a favorite among the youth, particularly during the time when they started becoming the harbingers of change in fashion. Today, almost all men have a Ben Sherman piece or two, and it’s their comfortable touch and casual style that has them buying for more.

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