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Challenging “established rules” is what makes fashion exciting. Growing up, most of you were taught to only shop either the women’s or men’s section—not both. Online and offline, questions on whether it’s weird for men to shop in the women’s section or not, and the like, are typical conversation topics. But sometimes, you just can’t help it that the latest clothes in the men’s section suit your style at a given moment, and vice versa. A brand solved this dilemma for women and playfully confronted the “fashion rules” that separate men and women clothing—Beaufille.

The story behind the name


Founded in 2013 by Canadian sisters, Chloé Gordon and Parris Gordon, Beaufille means “handsome girl” (a combination of the words beau and fille from the French language) as a reflection of the brand’s take on mixing masculine and feminine features to come up with effortless chic and unique look. Chloé designs the clothes, while Parris crafts the accessories.

It was initially called Chloé comme Parris from 2009 until the name changed four years after, when the sisters found Beaufille more fitting to resonate best with the women who buy their sophisticated, androgynous clothes and jewelries as the brand gained traction. Vogue described Beaufille’s creations as having “artisanal touches; inventive fabrics; and long, lean silhouettes.”

What the industry is saying

Marking the brand’s debut at New York Fashion Week in the Fall of 2016, was the essence of Beaufille bursting with menswear-inspired pieces—from trench coats and knits to moto jackets and chokers. By Spring 2018, Beaufille is expanding their shirts to highlight how men dressed in from the 17th to 8th centuries, when ruffles and frills were common to men’s fashion. For Paris, Beaufille is all about providing feminine options from menswear inspirations.

Since their big break, many celebrities have been seen wearing the brand, such as Selena Gomez and Lady Gaga. The brand has also been worn by fashion model Kylie Jenner, rock band Haim, and fashion stylist Chriselle Lim.

Recognition it deserves

Beaufille’s elegant and historical approach to clothing caught the eyes of prestigious awards. In 2015, the brand received the Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent at the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA). Two years after, the founders were recognized as Womenswear Designer of the Year by CAFA. Forbes also included the sisters on its 30 under 30 – Class of 2017 list.

Today, it is no surprise to see amalgamations of various elements from the past, present, and ideas of the future, as well as different principles, fabrics, and materials. Beaufille deserves the attention because it not only creatively combines hard and soft, but also excellently craft pieces inspired by history with a touch of true craftsmanship—the intricate details say it all. Androgynous is back in the limelight, creating none of any dividing fashion rules. Fall in love with brand, check Beaufille’s Instagram for a start and instantly be inspired by its sleek and cultured aesthetic.

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