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“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” This statement by the icon, Marilyn Monroe, is lived by almost all women in the world. Some might obsess over bags, some hoard clothing, but all fall for a pair of superior quality and highly designed footwear. It is true what they say that you can describe a woman through the pair of shoes she is wearing. Every woman knows that elegance is also reflected through clothing and accessories, but real sophistication and class are manifested through shoes.

If you have long been a shoe connoisseur, you must know about the voguish source of sexy, feminine and chic heels, Aquazzura. Aquazzura is currently flourishing in creating heels that make women drool over. This brand is quite known for their signature sensuous designs. Sultry and bold, they have a lot to offer. Inspired by the innate bodacious Italian women, Aquazzura is steamed to provide all women’s feet with nothing but stylish and high quality footwear. Aquazzura always believed that a single pair of heels has the power to change your life.

How Aquazzura Kicked-Off

In 2011, Aquazzura was launched by a very talented man named Edgardo Osorio. Edgardo Osorio, a Colombian-born footwear expert, adores luxury footwear ever since his younger years. His fascination of designing footwear was developed through time. Driven by his consistent interest in art and designs, he went to London College of Fashion and further got his masters degree at the Central Saint Martins. After his study in such prestigious schools, he worked for the world-renounced footwear makers such as Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli. His experience in working for the global style icons honed his knowledge and skills not only in designing, but also in creating superior quality footwear. There he gained the techniques he later on used to establish his own version of a high fashion footwear company.

After 10 years of being a highly valued employee, he decided to step out and kick start a business that produces a variety of shoes that will appeal to various tastes of modern women. At the age of 25, he founded Aquazzura, an entry-level luxury and high end shoe company that offers ultra glamorous lifestyle shoes. Best known for their spikes, Aquazzura also creates other styles of women’s footwear including wedges, slingbacks, scarpins, kitten heeled, flats and other types of shoes that women will definitely worship.

The legendary Palazzo Corsini is where Aquazzura was brought to life. Their flagship store and headquarters lies in this historical mark that perfectly complemented Aquazzura’s branding. There also housed the most reputable shoemakers and fashion designers around the globe. For just a short span of time, only about 6 years, Aquazzura flourished unstoppably all over the globe. As of now, they have over 300 retailers positioned in over 58 countries. Fashion capitals of the word such as London, Paris, Dubai, Florence, New York, Miami, Moscow, Costa Mesa, Hong Kong and many others have also been dominated by Aquazzura.

On the other hand, this brand also effortlessly captivated the focus of many international magazines. Edgardo Osorio and his craftsmanship have been featured everywhere. He caught the media with his signature designs, the Christy flats the Wild Thing sandals, The Sexy Thing Booties and the Belgravia per se. His expertise was recognized as he received countless international awards.

Aquazzura’s style has always been contemporary and chic. This brand is popular for their impeccable attention on details. The craftsmanship of Edgardo Osorio has endlessly been apparent to every pair of shoes he makes. He perfectly prevails in achieving the balance between modern and class. Heartened by the lavish European tradition, Aquazzura’s only goal is to produce shoes that are beyond beautiful, and at the same time, comfortable and durable. Currently, this brand has been worn by innumerable TV personalities, celebrities, women in position and other influential individuals worldwide. Aquazzura is indeed one of the best go-to footwear companies for those are in search for the best pair to wear from casual to special occasions. It is quite a popular pick for those who are looking for heels to wear for weddings, galas, red carpet and others events where appearing glamorous is a must.

Now that Aquazzura is out there, every modern woman will feel confident that showing off through a pair of shoe is a piece of cake. As what they always say, a woman can never be naked wearing nothing but a great pair of shoes. Every woman deserves to look beautiful and doing so requires shoes that are reflective of that beauty.

Nothing can bring you to greater heights than shoes do and no other shoes can lift you to the pedestal than Aquazzura does. Leave the best first impression and keep your crowd in awe with a wide array of luxury footwear from Aquazzura that you can choose from. With Aquazzura, your style, elegance and comfort are all guaranteed, without any doubt.


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