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People are all different. We all have our own preferences, personalities, characters and style. Some just fit into the mold created by culture and society and well, some just really don’t. There are those who are destined to stand out from the rest of the crowd. There are people who dared to be different, radical and extraordinary. Common and traditional just don’t suit them accurately. There a lot of them, really. They are artists, celebrities, punks, writers, goth, rockers, rebels and they could be the people you meet on the streets. People who are not afraid to show their own self and style in what they wear and do. And Ann Demeulemeester of Antwerp has just right avant-garde clothing for them.

Ann Demeulemeester in the Antwerp Six

Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester is one of the distinguished members of the Antwerp Six. She was born in Belgium in 1959 and graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp together with the rest of the members of the Antwerp Six. She won the annual Golden Spindle award in 1982 for being the most promising designer of the year in Belgium and eventually founded her own line of clothing “BVBA 32” together with her husband, Patrick Robyn in 1985 with the label “Ann Demeulemeester”.

The brand

Ann Demeulemeester Boutique in Seoul, Korea.
Ann Demeulemeester Boutique in Seoul, Korea.

Ann Demeulemeester brand is famous for its avant-garde and androgynous designs that are way too distinct and in contrast to the classic Coco Chanel pieces that were so popular at the time. Its designs have crossed  gender barrier making them wearable ultimately by both men and women. Ann is also noted for her use of monochromatic color scheme which is generally black, white, greys and neutrals. She was able to present both women and men’s clothing line in one fashion show which is in true character to her brand’s gender neutral designs.

Celebrity fans and signature style

Celebrities most especially musicians and poets just love Ann Demeulemeester pieces. Patti Smith who is an American singer-songwriter and artist admitted that she only wears vintage and Ann Demeulemeester’s. Other musicians such as PJ Harvey has been known to love her clothes as well. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 has also been seen wearing the Angelina jacket with double zips and asymmetric closure in soft black leather at the 2011 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Even Kylie Jenner and Diane Keaton have been spotted wearing Ann Demeulemeester boots made with chunky heels and soft black leather.

Ann Demeulemeester clothes line is a balance between shadow and light. The oftentimes asymmetrical cut and play of fabric is just perfect, not too constricting and yet gives a hint of curves and shapes underneath. There is a certain moodiness and romanticism in her designs as well that are real obvious with the modern rebel or new gothic feel. But a favorite by many is the Japanese style in the brand’s apparel, which makes the brand very popular most especially with its Asian clientele. In fact, it has three well-performing stores located in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul.

Daring designs and high-level values

The Male Sylph - Ann Demeulemeester spring 2017
The Male Sylph – Ann Demeulemeester spring 2017

If there’s one thing notable from Ann Demeulemeester and the other labels by the members of Antwerp Six, it would be their non-compromising values and radical designs about the designers’ art and craft. They dared and braved not to be influenced by the ever-changing and erratic fashion trend and people around them yet they managed to be on top and remarkable still.

In an industry where it would be much easier to follow what’s hot and fad, Ann Demeulemeester dares to carry out her creative pursuits to make a significant impact to new and budding brands and designers. The brand stays true to its roots and its designer’s craft.

Ann Demeulemeester was able to create a niche and pave its way to success, and now, it is much sought after by creative hands and minds. Ann left her own fashion house “BVBA 32” in 2013, confident that she has already laid a very strong foundation and built the brand’s distinct identity for it to thrive on its own. Ann says that she will always keep an eye on it for sure.

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