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Lavish clothes, extravagant accessories, fabrics adorned with expensive crystals and pearls—there’s really nothing like the glamour of an haute couture fashion show. And more than the magnificent clothes paraded, the exclusivity of being accredited as one of the haute fashion houses make it all the more esteemed and highly-regarded. We know the precious quietness in Christian Dior’s dignified piece and Karl Lagerfeld’s expressive use of chiffons and tweeds for refined designs that are distinct to Chanel couture atelier, yet there many more surprises that arise from haute couture, just like the young and fresh eponymous high fashion brand, Alexis Mabille.

Fashion roots

Fashion Designer Alexis Mabille
Fashion Designer Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille, the brand, may have only been around for a decade, yet Alexis Mabille, its founder, owner and main designer, is no newbie to the world of fashion. Even his ancestors were deeply rooted into the fashion world, having a silk manufacturing business back in the 1800s. He remembers even being fascinated by the antique clothing collection of her aunt and using the fabrics and other textile accessories to make costumes. It led to “bigger personal projects” that consisted of making clothes for friends and family. Eventually, he opened a local bridal clothing shop which accepted one customer per month. He was just 15 when it happened, making him a teenage fashion business owner.

He graduated with flying colors from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. As if it wasn’t enough that he studied in such a prestigious fashion institute, he finished it one year shorter than most people. Right after graduation, Mabille was welcomed inside the doors of the fashion giant, Dior, trained and worked under John Galliano and Heidi Slimane. Galliano was the one who helped him transition into design within the atelier.

Come 2005, Mabille took a leap and launched his very own collection that featured unisex clothes, as well as an accessories line that focused on designing and producing bow ties. Yves Saint Laurent and Lancôme are two other known brands where Mabille had a quick stay, too. But come 2008, his couture brand was finally launched at Paris haute couture week.

Couture charm

Models walks the runway during the Alexis Mabille show as part of the Paris Fashion Week
Models walks the runway during the Alexis Mabille show as part of the Paris Fashion Week. Credit:

Alexis Mabille also has a ready-to-wear line, yet what flourished even more in the industry is his couture pieces. But what’s not to love about the brand? It is a young label that has a fresh take and perspective in design—they welcome personal preferences and give value to comfort, elements that all their customers are more than pleased about. The goal is to look extraordinary without looking old-fashioned, especially as the “Alexis Mabille woman” is the frivolous type, a mixture of naughty and elegant, of fancy and playful.

Mabille, as a designer, is influenced by the casual glamour of the American Halston period. A proof of that is a men’s shirt-inspired drop-waist gown in baby pink, exuding a fab version of its inspiration. Juxtaposition is the brand’s game too, with different mixture of rough with smooth fabrics, modern and ancient eras, genres at the opposite sides of the spectrum—it’s like a world of opposites mixed up to form a harmonious masterpiece.

Wooing the high fashion world

Alexis Mabille Models
Alexis Mabille Models

It was the consistently endearing combination of the fresh designs, feminine touch, decorative flair, and spotless tailoring that convinced the world that Alexis Mabille is eligible for a spot among the exclusive haute couture houses. The label was able to win over its unbelievers and critics. Both Mick Jagger and Karl Lagerfeld are fans of the brand’s fabulous collection of ties, itthe Treizeor, and that says a lot. Even before the fame of the label, Mabille already had a list of known clients, such as the lead singer of the French band Phoenix, Thomas Mars, and his girlfriend, Sofia Coppola.

The label reached international fashion status immediately, thanks to its always on-point shows that exudes sophistication at admirable levels. It joined the fresh generation of French creative, presenting designs incorporating ingenious details that are emblematic of haute couture’s regal and glamour.

Even with the changing high fashion world, Alexis Mabille continues to charm new customers of today, including the younger clients that are into couture nowadays. With clients as young as 12, the brand ensures that a splash of youth is always incorporated in their designs, while keeping intact the dandy, lavish and exciting elements that the label is known for.

Full of surprises

Alexis MabilleLatest among the charming collections of the brand is its Fall 2018 collection, composed of interesting pastel: purples, pinks, blues as the main palette of the lineup. “Freshness and sensuality” is the main inspiration of the collection, veering away from the limitation of “seasonal” looks. The lineup has lace dresses, tulle gowns, beachy shirtdresses, hand-painted floral motifs, graphic statements—anything and everything you wanted in a collection.

The brand continues to set itself apart from others by seeing clothes and design in a different perspective. Mabille himself admitted that he sees women’s clothing through a man’s perspective. It is less about the creation of the pieces, but its use as an added flair to the woman’s look—a vibe that tells a man, “that’s the one you’ll make love to” or “that’s the woman you’re going to marry.” It isn’t the traditional way a designer would think, but that’s the special thing about Mabille and his brand, they are unpredictable and full of surprises. And we’re looking forward to be surprised.

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