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All hail to one of the best high fashion brands that houses the incredible artists, designers and tailors – Alexander McQueen! Needless to say, this brand is world class. In the high fashion scene, when we speak of Alexander McQueen, we are talking about a royalty. The brand’s pristine and regal style in making couture, suits and other innovative fashion pieces made a huge impact in the global fashion industry. Throughout the many years of establishing their signature brand, it has been apparent that their path is nowhere but upwards. This brand in known anywhere in the world, worn and attested by fashion enthusiasts, style gurus, trend setters, fashion bloggers and global influential personalities. There is no question, Alexander McQueen is one to stay on top for a long, long time.

Models walk runway during the Alexander McQueen Ready to Wear Autumn-Winter Show in 2012.
Models walk runway during the Alexander McQueen Ready to Wear Autumn-Winter Show. Photo:

Who is the man behind the brand Alexander McQueen?

Lee Alexander McQueen - the man behind the brand

Before the prestigious Alexander McQueen fashion house was brought to life, there was only a visionary and a very talented man named Lee Alexander McQueen. Alexander McQueen came from a middle status family that resided at Lewisham, London and is the youngest of his five other siblings. Since he was young, he always had a great fascination towards styling, designing and tailoring. He pursued his tailoring course in Newham College and further succeeded an apprenticeship at Savile Row, where his expertise in tailoring was fully developed. Since then, he started to build his name in the fashion industry. From a simple son of a taxi driver and a science teacher, Alexander McQueen bloomed into a professional designer and tailor.

How did Lee Alexander McQueen became the iconic “Alexander McQueen”?

Alexander McQueen fashion boutique in China
Alexander McQueen fashion boutique in China. Image courtesy: TonyV3112

The success of the brand Alexander McQueen did not happen overnight. Before anything else, it is clear that Alexander McQueen deserved to earn his position right now in the fashion industry. After his apprenticeship at the London’s best tailors and fashion designers, he decided to go back to school to further hone his natural skills and abilities in bringing art to fashion. He studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and received his Master’s degree there in the year 1992. Various influential personalities in fashion already spotted Alexander McQueen’s talent. Names such as Isabella Blow and Bobby Hillson backed him up and believed that he will come a long way in the industry.

But it was when Alexander McQueen moved to Hoxton that his career was officially born. Influenced by big names in the London fashion setting, he sky-rocketed to stardom. McQueen released his first collection and got people’s respect on his second. With the help of her creative director and personal confidante, Katy England, he created art through theatre shows, fashion shows and other forms of stage art that featured his proficiency in art and fashion.

Aside from this, he has been awarded the “British Designer of the Year,” not only once, but four times. Such award is a highly coveted recognition, on that is very honourable for a rising young designer to receive. He also bagged the “Designer of the Year” award in 2003, given to him by the Council of Fashion Designers. All of these he attained at such a young age. Through time, Alexander McQueen continuously gained the respect of the industry until he seized the opportunity to start his own brand ‘Alexander McQueen’. He carried his prominence in out-of-the-box designs and incredibly know-how on tailoring, that both became the essence of the brand’s deigns.

Alexander McQueen Fashion Show Evolution from 2014-2016 (left to right)
Alexander McQueen Fashion Show Evolution from 2014-2016 (left to right). Photo:

How did Alexander McQueen Sustain The Top Spot in the Industry?

Despite the sudden death of the Alexander McQueen in 2010, this fashion power house remained firm in satisfying its market. Its current creative director, Sarah Burton, made sure that the legacy of the brand’s founder will still proliferate. Now, Alexander McQueen continuously keeps the global high fashion plot in awe with their creations that are beyond satisfactory.

Right now, Alexander McQueen is dominating the fashion capitals around the globe. This brand is everywhere, conquering London, New York, Los Angeles Milan, Las Vegas and other huge cities across countries. High profile celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and many more are certified Alexander McQueen fans. Aside from that, the brand’s creations have been walked in countless runways and it never failed to impress the crowd.

Alexander McQueen’s goal is to produce men and women’s clothing that are nothing but polished and elegant. It stays true to its outstanding designs—the type of style that sticks in the minds not only of the people wearing them but also of the crowd. The brand’s secret: on-point tailoring. Every little detail matters significantly in creating their pieces. Each and every detail counts in order to make fashionable items that the people will surely drool over. From chic ready-to-wear apparel, regal cocktails and gowns, to one-of-a-kind couture showpieces up to precisely tailored suits, trusting the one and only Alexander McQueen will be the best decision you will make in your whole life.

Alexander McQueen Boutique in Nisantasi. Istanbul, Turkey.
Alexander McQueen Boutique in Nisantasi. Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: theendup /

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